Regular home maintenance is paramount. Many aspects of your Nashville, TN, home may need attention, but don’t let your chimney fall too far down on your list of priorities. The Chimney Safety Institute of America recommends an annual service performed by a certified chimney sweep. This service removes creosote buildup from your chimney keeping it functioning properly, safely and efficiently. Many homeowners know they need to have their chimney swept each year, but are unsure of what time of year to schedule an appointment. Here are some guidelines.

A Fall Chimney Sweep is an Option

Many homeowners only think of their chimney when it’s time to warm up around the fireplace. That usually happens during the late fall. For this reason, homeowners call chimney sweep companies for their annual service at that time.

It makes sense to do the chimney sweep right before you use the fireplace, but customers often end up having to contend with other homeowners due to the sheer volume of appointments on the company’s schedule. Fall is a chimney sweep’s busiest season. A much better option is to schedule an appointment with a chimney sweep company during the off-season.

A Spring Chimney Sweep is Often Better

Instead of waiting until fall right before you use your fireplace, consider including your chimney service in your spring cleaning. Spring is one of the best times to schedule a chimney sweep and inspection because most companies aren’t terribly busy at that time of year.

The certified chimney sweep can come out and perform the service in a timely manner well before you plan to use your fireplace. The removal of dangerous creosote buildup inside your chimney will ensure you’ll be able to build a fire and enjoy its warmth with your family when the weather turns cold. Scheduling service in the spring also gives you plenty of time to have any repairs done should your chimney need them.

At B+E, we want all Nashville, TN, homeowners to have a clean and clear chimney so their fireplace can be used time and time again. Whether you had your chimney swept last year or haven’t had it serviced in many years, we’re here to help. We offer affordable $89 chimney sweeps and inspections in the Nashville area—a significantly lower price than our competitors. If you’ve paid more in the past, call Brick + Ember Outfitters today.