gas fireplace

Gas Fireplace Service Indianapolis

Gas fireplace service Indianapolis. As the weather begins to transition from hot summer months to crisp fall and you…

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chimney repair

Are Chimney Leaks Common?

Are chimney leaks common? Having a crackling fire in your fireplace is a wonderful experience for the family in the…

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chimney work

The Inside Scoop on a Chimney Repair

The inside scoop on a chimney repair. Chimneys are not only an aesthetic feature that makes your home look its best.…

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5 Ideas for Fireplace Decorations

5 ideas for fireplace decorations. Having a fireplace in your home adds a degree of comfort and class. Of course, it…

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chimney restoration

Everything You Need to Know About Chimney Restoration

Everything you need to know about chimney restoration. Taking care of your chimney ensures you can enjoy your…

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2021 Best Suburbs to Buy a House in Indianapolis

2021 best suburbs to buy a house in Indianapolis. Indianapolis strikes a nice balance between the feeling of a big…

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brick restoration

Common Mistakes In Brick Restoration

Common mistakes in brick restoration. Durability is one of the top benefits of masonry.  While brick is a very…

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chimney repair

2021 Chimney Repair Costs

2021 chimney repair costs. Chimney repairs are very important for maintaining the stability of your home, but they can…

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chimney sweeps

The Best Indianapolis Chimney Sweeps

The best Indianapolis chimney sweeps. The safest fireplaces and chimneys are those that receive regular cleaning,…

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chimney chase cover

3 Reasons Why Chimney Chase Covers Are So Important

What is a Chimney Chase Cover? A chase cover (sometimes called a chase pan, top flashing, or top pan) is a square or…

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How to Prevent a Chimney Leak

How to prevent a chimney leak. Although they don’t tend to be the most used portions of a house, chimneys can cause a…

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masonry repair

Masonry Repair vs. Restoration

Masonry repair vs. restoration. If you’ve taken a closer look at an old building or even your own living space, there…

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