flue in fireplace

How Does A Flue On A Fireplace Work

How does a flue on a fireplace work? Your chimney is one of the most critical components of a Indianapolis home with a…

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wood burning fireplace

Step by Step Approach to a Wood Burning Fireplace Installation

Step by step approach to a wood burning fireplace installation Fireplaces are excellent additions to Indianapolis…

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gas log installation

How Much Does it Cost to Install Gas Logs?

How Much Does it Cost to Install Gas Logs? How much does it cost to install gas logs? Gas fireplaces are easy to…

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clean up ash from fireplace

Can You Vacuum Ash From a Fireplace?

Can you vacuum ash from a fireplace? Cleaning the ash from your firebox is an important part of fireplace maintenance.…

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fireplace hearth

What Can I Use for a Fireplace Hearth?

What can I use for a fireplace hearth? The fireplace hearth plays a huge role in the aesthetics of your fireplace, but…

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cleaning a gas fireplace

Does a Gas Fireplace Need to Be Cleaned?

Does a gas fireplace need to be cleaned? Most Indianapolis homeowners understand that a wood-burning fireplace must be…

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Is a Damper and a Fireplace Flue the Same Thing

Is a Damper and a Fireplace Flue the Same Thing?

Is a damper and a fireplace flue the same thing? Having a fireplace is incredibly beneficial for the cold Indiana…

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starting fireplace for the first time

How Do I Start My Fireplace For the First Time?

How do I start my fireplace for the first time? You might think starting a fire in your fireplace for the first time…

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fireplace design

The Most Popular Fireplace Design

The most popular fireplace design? A fireplace is a beautiful addition to your home. Great for social gatherings and…

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fireplace flue

Does My Fireplace Flue Need to be Closed or Open?

Have you ever wondered about how to work your fireplace flue? In what situations should it be open? When should it be…

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