Carmel is a fast-growing suburb on the North side of Indianapolis. Known for its Arts and Design District, the city houses around 86,000 residents. Mr. Bill Godfrey is a Carmel resident and is the owner of a home that includes a “factory-built” fireplace. One in which the chimney is prefabricated as a unit and installed in the home during construction. Unfortunately for the Godfrey home, the wood which supported the chimney’s structure was rotting and Brick + Ember Outfitters was contacted to address the issue.

Brick + Ember Outfitters thoroughly inspected the interior and exterior of the chimney to ensure any and all rotting wood was addressed. During the inspection, more rotted wood was found and the resolution required a full rebuild of the chimney’s structure. Materials used during the rebuild included, but were not limited to, Tyvek® and rubber flashing. Brick + Ember Outfitters replaced the rusted galvanized steel chase cover with a convex stainless steel chase cover with drip edges to prevent sitting water, and to direct water out and away from the chimney’s structure. Mr. Godfrey received Brick + Ember Outfitters’ 20-year warranty on the rebuild of the chimney, and is experiencing some peace of mind about the condition, safety and functionality of his home’s chimney.

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