Brick and mortar buildings require minimal maintenance. These buildings are also built to last and have impressive architecture. However, giving them the attention they need will help them last for several years. That’s why it is important that you restore the external façade to prolong the lifespan of your building. Whether you own a skyscraper or a small building, the stressors of water, sunlight, building movement, and treacherous natural elements can over time break down your building facades. Therefore, to restore your property’s original glory, you will need professional brick restoration services.

Masonry restoration is an integral part of property maintenance. Apart from enhancing the appearance of your building, it also ensures that all other elements are stable. But how will you know that it’s time to hire a masonry restoration professional? After providing first-rate brick stone and masonry services in Indianapolis for several years, at Brick + Ember Outfitters, we know that making this decision can be difficult. That’s why we believe in keeping our clients informed by offering tips on how to know when to schedule restoration services.

3 Signs that Your Building Needs Masonry Restoration

  • Seepage Problems

Increased hydrostatic pressure allows the seepage of water through the tiny cracks in your basement floor. However, leakage can also occur through the foundation wall in case there is a grading problem or a yard drainage problem. Anything that causes water to flow to your property can lead to water seepage.

  • Structural Problems

Structural issues also require masonry restoration. Wet soil can cause lateral pressure, which puts more pressure on your masonry, leading to structural issues. When the soil expands and presses the masonry wall, there is a likelihood that it will push the wall, thus creating a need for masonry restoration.

  • Mortar Joints

Because these joints comprise of a simple mixture of sand and cement, they are prime spots for seepage problems in the foundation and masonry. Failing to restore your masonry for a long time may lead to its deterioration to an extent whereby it cannot adequately block moisture from the surface of the bricks. Mortar joints are a weak spot in any masonry wall. Therefore, if you note that there’s seepage and you’re not sure about the source, there is a high possibility it may be coming from the mortar joints.

5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Brick Restoration ASAP

  • Restore Your Building’s Appearance

Time takes its toll on everything. While damage to your masonry won’t affect your buildings structural stability, it may still affect its aesthetics. If you desire a clean appearance, you will need restoration services for your property. Experienced Indy masonry restoration experts will remove all unwanted blemishes on your facility and revive its original appearance while keeping the same brick, stone, mortar color, and mortar thickness, or use new ones where needed.

  • Restore Structural Integrity

Cracks, leaning walls, bulging, or crumbling mortar can hamper the structural stability of your building. To return the structural stability of your facility, you will need masonry restoration services. Your repairs restorations services provider will replace the cracked bricks with new bricks with matching colors. They will also right bulging and leaning walls, and repoint crumbling masonry with mortar of the same color.

  • Protect the Historical Quality of your Structure

In case you own a structure that has some historical importance to you, and you intend to keep as much of its original fabric intact, then you should partner with professional brick restoration specialists. Such professionals will analyze the existing mortar so that they can match both the type and color to ensure that your building remains historically accurate. What’s more, experienced professionals will match the color and type of bricks, and the techniques used during the construction of your structure.

  • Poor Restoration is Worse Than None

Apart from devaluing your property, poorly done brick restoration can cause more damage. Unqualified repairs restorations service providers may use the wrong thickness or color of brick, or mortar and leave an ugly blemish. During masonry restoration, using the wrong mortar may not only give your structure a bad look, but it can also damage and destabilize the mortar around it.

  • Improve Resale Value

While most house hunters look for buildings with luxury amenities like walk-in closets and in-ground pools, all of them will highly consider purchasing properties with solid roofing, walls, and foundations. Therefore, if you’re planning to put your house in the market, investing in brick repair restorations will make your structure more appealing. Because potential buyers won’t need to invest in repairs, you can raise the asking price.

Get Professional Brick Restoration Today!

From gradual wear and tear to harsh weather conditions, there are numerous ways that masonry work can be damaged. If you need brick stone restoration for your building in Indianapolis or you’re not sure whether it’s the right time, schedule a consultation with a Brick + Ember Outfitters professional today.