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Transform your home into a cozy refuge.

From maintenance and repair to design services and products, Brick + Ember can help you create a cozy fireplace inside or out.

Chimney Services


Chimney maintenance is crucial to your home's safety & comfort.

We take pride in providing chimney cleanings and chimney relinings, stopping life-threatening safety hazards before they start.

Masonry Services


Need top-notch masonry work in the Indianapolis, IN area?

We install patios, build and repair retaining walls, replace driveways, and fix sidewalks that need a little extra love and attention.

Indiana Fireplace, Chimney, Masonryand Design

Finding a trusted partner for your home repairs can often make you feel uneasy. At Brick + Ember we have caring and properly trained team members, so you can stop worrying and feel confident. Let Brick + Ember handle your fireplace maintenance by calling to schedule your annual sweep and inspection today. Now you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your fireplace is functioning properly.

hassle-free guarantee

Go ahead,Get cozy.

Our Hassle-free Guarantee ensures an experience you can trust so you can relax and cozy up to your fireplace knowing the job was done right.


our process is simple.

Brick + Ember asks the right questions for a successful outcome.


• Inspect
• Understand needs and wants

Brick + Ember works to solve your fireplace, chimney and masonry issues.


• Educate the customer
• Provide customer-aligned solutions

fireplace, chimney and masonry installation.


• Hassle-Free installation
• Peace of mind the job was done right


the latest

Helping You Restore Peace of Mind in Your Home

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Working at Brick + Ember Outfitters means working for the leading Indianapolis fireplace and masonry company in our industry. We pride ourselves in exceeding expectations at all costs.


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