santa comes down chimney

Why Does Santa Come Down the Chimney?

What’s going on here? How can one person – with a team of reindeer – visit homes around the world in one night? Well……

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decorate chimney for Christmas

How to Decorate a Chimney for Christmas: Don’t!

Don’t decorate your chimney! It serves a functional, important purpose, and it is important that it is not obstructed…

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chimney making house colder

Is My Chimney Making My House Colder?

Is your chimney making your house colder? It seems like a counterintuitive question. After all, the chimney is supposed…

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chimney inspected when closing on a house

Does a Chimney Get Inspected When Closing On a House?

You’ve found your home. Whether it’s a starter, a fixer-upper, or your dream house, it’s soon to be yours! It’s an…

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is a chimney cap necessary

Why Is a Chimney Cap Necessary?

When you think about it, there are many potentially dangerous items we bring into our homes, from appliances to the…

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Why does my chimney blow smoke in the house?

Why Does Smoke Blow Back Down a Chimney?

Chimneys are meant to be uncomplicated contraptions! Smoke and noxious gasses go up and away from your house. The only…

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Can insurance pay for chimney when replacing roof?

Can Insurance Pay for a Chimney When You’re Replacing a Roof?

Do you ever watch insurance commercials? Companies from Geico and Progressive to AllState and Farmers have perfected…

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two chimneys

Why Does My House Have Two Chimneys?

Under the category of “Things That Make You Go Hmmm,” you may be wondering why your home has two chimneys. Is this…

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chimney but no fireplace

Why Do I Have a Chimney But No Fireplace?

Why do I have a chimney but no fireplace?   It seems like a mystery at first, but rest assured, this is no “staircase…

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chimney fire

How to Put Out a Chimney Fire: 7 Home and Life Saving Tips

Oh, a chimney fire will just burn itself out. No big deal. That’s what a chimney is for, after all. This is a common…

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