two chimneys

Why Does My House Have Two Chimneys?

Under the category of “Things That Make You Go Hmmm,” you may be wondering why your home has two chimneys. Is this…

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chimney liner

When Do You Need a Chimney Liner?

When do you need a chimney liner?  Easy: Whenever you have a chimney!  But this is your home, and your safety is of the…

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chimney but no fireplace

Why Do I Have a Chimney But No Fireplace?

Why do I have a chimney but no fireplace?   It seems like a mystery at first, but rest assured, this is no “staircase…

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chimney sweep

Do I Need a Certified Chimney Sweep?

When you have your chimney cleaned properly every year, you increase the safety and efficiency of your heating…

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chimney fire

How to Put Out a Chimney Fire: 7 Home and Life Saving Tips

Oh, a chimney fire will just burn itself out. No big deal. That’s what a chimney is for, after all. This is a common…

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What Is a Level 2 Chimney Inspection – And When Is It Required?

No one wants to go through it; we don’t even want to think about it. A house fire can be devastating, but,…

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Lighting a fire in a fireplace

The Right Way to Light a Fire: Surefire Ways to Stay Warm, Cozy, and Safe

It never fails: it’s a cold, dark day, and all you want is the warmth and comfort of a blazing fire. And all you get is…

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chimney during rain

How Do Chimneys Work When It Rains – And Why Is Yours Leaking?

Chimneys are designed to allow smoke and toxic by-products of combustible materials to safely escape from fireplaces,…

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how does a chimney work

How Does a Chimney Work?

Have you ever wondered how your chimney works? If you’re like most of us, the answer is a resounding “Nope!” It just…

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roof flashing

How Do You Prevent Chimney Leaks?

The point of a chimney is to ensure that smoke and toxic byproduct gases, like carbon monoxide, have a direct route out…

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chimney with fire coming out

Why Are Sparks Coming Out of My Chimney?

When sparks are coming out of your chimney, it’s not the optimal time to stop and ask, “Why?” It’s time to call the…

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chimney, when to replace chimney liner

When to Replace a Chimney Liner

No matter what you are burning for heating fuel, a chimney liner is a must. Not only does it enhance the safety of your…

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