2021 best suburbs to buy a house in Indianapolis. Indianapolis strikes a nice balance between the feeling of a big city and the charm of smaller towns. As the state capital and largest city in Indiana, you are able to find a thriving downtown with metropolitan attractions like quality restaurants, sporting and entertainment venues, and an arts & culture scene. 

At the same time, Indianapolis is incredibly expansive and sprawling. Beyond the city limits, there are dozens of suburbs that expand the metropolitan area’s reach. Hundreds of thousands of families call these suburbs home, allowing people to work in and enjoy the city center without having to live city life 24/7. 

There are plenty of affordable options, safe communities, and nationally recognized excellent schools in suburban Indianapolis, all while still offering close proximity to a world-class city.

If you are looking to buy a house in proximity to a major city, Indianapolis ought to be on your shortlist. But with so many suburbs that have differing characteristics, it can be difficult to choose. 

Here are the best near Indianapolis in 2021.


Fishers, IN recently surpassed Carmel on Niche.com’s rankings for #1 best Indianapolis suburb to buy a house. For those who know Fishers, this is hardly surprising. The city’s 90,332 people have settled and stayed there for good reason. 

The community touts some of the best schools in the state with their Fishers and Hamilton Southeastern school corporations. Fishers is said to have a friendly, community feels, with nice coffee shops, parks, and restaurants. It also is very close in proximity to the gorgeous Geist Reservoir. Fishers is an ideal locale for families and young professionals alike; the home costs are lower than other northside suburbs while still being high-quality options.


Directly north of Indianapolis, Carmel is known far and wide for its great schools, excellent houses, and beautiful city. The largest suburb of Indianapolis with almost 100,000 residents, Carmel has its fair share of jobs, leisure activities, and shopping centers. 

Though it is no longer ranked #1 as the best place to buy a house, it remains the top place to live, raise a family, and best public schools with Carmel-Clay schools. Carmel’s reputation in and around Indianapolis is undeniably great; it is perfect for families looking for good schools, jobs, and amenities.


Zionsville is well known for being a safe, quaint, and respectable community on the northwest side. With a significantly less large population than other northern suburbs at 27,463, Zionsville is quite sparser. 

Despite its small-town feel, the city is known locally and nationally for its excellent school system, safety, and charm. The houses here do run more expensive than Carmel or Fishers, median $385,700. However, it is perfect for families seeking a more quiet place to live with great parks and nice small businesses. 


Brownsburg is one of the most up-and-coming suburbs of Indianapolis. Located on the west side, the city has a population of 26,046. Unlike Zionsville, though, the small-town feel does not come with high housing costs. 

Brownsburg is an ideal place for young couples, young professionals, and starting families to settle because of its affordable real estate. It also has a good public schooling system and is located close to the beautiful Eagle Creek reservoir and park.


Avon is the suburb directly west of Indianapolis. Home and renting costs run just around the national average here. Its population is 17,453, but do not let that make it seem like it is a tiny town with no restaurants or shopping options; Avon is booming with new developments. The public schools are also highly ranked in Indiana. Avon is a great place to raise a family. 


McCordsville is a lesser-known Indianapolis suburb, located on the east side of the city. More rural than the rest of this list, the city has a population of only 6,857. The city may seem rural and disconnected, but it is close to incredible shopping and restaurant options in closeby Fishers/Castleton area. McCordsville is perfect for families who want nice homes, away from the crowd. It also is perfect for water lovers as it is just south of Geist Reservoir.

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