While exterior chimney damage can be more obvious at a glance, fireplace maintenance inside of the home can be overlooked or neglected, but it is extremely necessary and can be quite hazardous. A properly functioning fireplace is critical to the safety of those inside your home.

Always bear in mind that when you utilize the fireplace you are lighting a fire inside of your home – we do not want homeowners to make light of this fact. Any deterioration or dysfunctional components of a fireplace and its chimney could have serious, negative repercussions if not addressed immediately.

Common visual indicators that it may be time to address the fireplace for repairs are:

– chipped or missing mortar between the fire brick in the firebox (note: the firebox is the space where the fire is burned)
– cracks or gaps between the refractory panels (applies to factory-built units)
– obvious holes in the fire-box or smoke chamber (the space just above the firebox and damper)
– efflorescence (or the crystalized haze on the brick or masonry) in or around your fireplace/firebox

If there is deterioration occurring in the firebox, it may also be an indication that deterioration is occurring above the firebox, in the smoke chamber, and even further up in the flue system. Indiana weather is notorious for being harsh to chimneys, especially masonry chimneys which have not been properly, or well-maintained.

If you have noticed any visual signs of deterioration occurring in the fireplace/firebox, please put a cease-fire on burning and give us a call. All of our Chimney Outfitters are certified by The Chimney Safety Institute of America – educated, tested and approved to ensure your chimney is up to snuff and meeting the industry regulations and codes. Our Outfitters are prepared to advise proper venting so that you are equipped to make informed decisions to ensure the safety and functionality of your home’s chimney.

Grow some peace of mind about your fireplace and give us a call if you are noticing or are aware of any deterioration occurring in your fireplace or chimney.