Cracking brick is a common occurrence as a home settles over time and takes a beating from nature over the course of many years. This is especially the case when you account for the brutal Indianapolis winters. While repairing the bricks is generally the best call, our attention to the detail of your pre-existing masonry is what makes the work of our Outfitters truly exceptional.

We go the extra mile to make our repair work blend in with the surrounding brick for a seamless, eye-catching appearance. Matching mortar lines, color, and even the brick itself will combine to create the best overall appearance possible for you and your home.

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What is the Freeze/Thaw Cycle?

As the long Indianapolis winters come to an end and the rains of spring begin to fall, the masonry of your home will take on water due to its naturally porous surface. When winter returns, this water freezes, causing those pores to expand and take in more water as the weather inevitably warms up again. As this cycle repeats year after year, the pores continue to grow to the point major structural damage is a possible risk. To help avoid the significant cost of chimney repairs, proper, regular maintenance is recommended.

Because the chimney stands above the roofline of your home, it is extremely vulnerable to the elements. If left untreated, these damaged pores could lead to additional damage to your chimney and home potentially penetrating your chimney’s interior which can lead to water stained walls, rusted chimney damper, or cracked chimney crowns. Having one of C&M Outfitters Chimney Safety Institute of American certified experts inspect your chimney for the potential damage caused by the freeze/thaw cycle is the best way to avoid the significant cost to your home and inconvenience to your family.

Having a home with a well-maintained chimney, patio, and walkway can significantly increase its market value. When properly cared for, bricks can last a lifetime. Our experts will provide you with an estimate for repair and a plan for restoring the beauty of the masonry on your home or property.

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