In the chilly Indianapolis weather, a warm fireplace is the dream. However, if you don’t take care of your fireplace and chimney, that dream can quickly turn into a nightmare.

A key step to chimney safety is an annual chimney sweep. The annual sweep keeps your chimney clear from dust, debris, and little creatures. It also keeps soot from building up in your system. If soot builds up into glaze, your chimney can quickly catch fire – putting your family at risk.

When to Call a Chimney Sweep

With the long, cold winters in the greater Indianapolis area, you are likely using your fireplace once a week, if not more often. Whether you have a gas log or wood stove fireplace, it is important to know when you need a good sweep.

If you haven’t had a sweep or inspection in the past year, it is time to call up your local sweep. Brick + Ember Outfitters offers three different levels of inspection, to ensure your home is in tip top shape. The first level of inspection is the base minimum for inspection requirements. It checks your ventilation system and ensures there is no build up.

The second level of inspection is recommended when there are changes to your system, or if you have recently purchased a home. This inspection is deeper than level 1, and ensures there is no operation malfunctions or exterior damage.

The third level of inspection looks closely at finer details of your chimney. This may require looking inside of the chimney to ensure there is no internal damage. Once one of our expert technicians completes the inspection, they will recommend the correct sweep to keep your chimney in working order.

Hiring the Right Technicians

Indianapolis is unlike any other city. Not just any technician is up to the task of sweeping an Indianapolis chimney.

At B+E, our industry-leading technicians are certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America, CSIA. You can rest assured that our team has both the technical skills and customer service to meet your unique needs. They will take time to actively listen to your situation, and will recommend the best course of action moving forward.


Brick + Ember Outfitters is driven by three value-added initiatives: building equity, restoring beauty, and growing peace of mind. Investing in the safety and functionality of your fireplace/chimney is growing peace of mind.


Keep your chimney clean and your family safe by booking an appointment today.