If you have lived through the cold Indianapolis, IN winter, you will appreciate the warmth and comfort of a gas fireplace. Just like other homeowners, you chose a gas fireplace over wood because it’s convenient and efficient. However, this doesn’t mean that your gas fireplace doesn’t need routine maintenance. To keep your gas fireplace in tip-top shape, our Brick + Ember Outfitters experts recommend that you perform annual maintenance. For your fireplace to remain safe and efficient, always pay attention to gas fireplace and gas log maintenance. Gas fireplace maintenance has three categories, including:

Safety Inspection

Our qualified gas fireplace technicians know the importance of a gas fireplace that works properly and safely. When our certified technicians visit your home, they will start by testing the gas pressure and how the main burner operates and adjust where necessary. They will also check for gas leaks and give your gas fireplace a clean bill of health. Other aspects of your gas fireplace that our professional technicians will check during the inspection include:

  • The gas line
  • Vents and smoke flumes
  • Ignition system

Gas Fireplace Cleaning

Throughout our work, we have discovered that cleaning your gas fireplace isn’t just for aesthetic purposes, but also for the safety of your fireplace. For safety purposes, ensure that you clean your gas fireplace every month. Because it’s not wood burning, basic cleaning to get rid of cobwebs and other debris won’t take much of your time.

Use quality glass cleaners to wipe the inside and outside parts of the fireplace screen to protect it from being stained or permanently discolored. While you can conduct basic cleaning by yourself, you will need to call a qualified Brick + Ember Outfitters technician to deep clean your gas fireplace.  

Cleaning the Gas Logs

Another major step to maintaining a functional fireplace  is cleaning the gas logs. Before this is done, we will ensure that both the gas and pilot are completely shut off to allow the gas logs to cool. Then we will carry the logs outside to remove the soot.  

Call a Certified Brick + Ember Outfitters Technician In Case of Any Warning Signs

If something about the operation of your gas fireplace seems off, call a certified Brick + Ember Outfitters technician and stop using your fireplace immediately. Always listen to your gut and don’t ignore a problem. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Some of the warning signs that you should look out for include:

  • Odd smells from the fireplace
  • If you see smoke from your gas fireplace
  • If you experience difficulties in igniting the pilot light

Gas fireplace maintenance can help prevent gas from entering your home or loss of heat, and also prolong the lifespan of your fireplace. To schedule gas fireplace maintenance services in Indianapolis, IN, contact us today!