Selling your home is exciting, yet stressful. The Real Estate industry is everchanging, competitive, and involves a bit of luck. However, when you place your home on the market does matter. It has been long said that spring is the ideal time to sell, but this is not always true. The best time to sell heavily depends on your personal situation and your location. Here we break down the best time to place your home on the market based on different considerations. 


Typically, spring is a great time to sell your home. During the spring, you can expect a quick turnaround, especially in early May. More buyers begin searching for homes in the spring, and the warmer weather makes moving more appealing. Families with school-age kids can let their kids finish the year.


However, in colder states like midwestern Indiana, spring weather can still be very wet and sloppy. Competition is also very high in the spring, so homes requiring updates or repairs may really struggle. Neighborhood events like major renovations or graduation parties can also make it harder to schedule tours or open houses. 



Summer is another prime time for selling your home. The Indianapolis weather is the best it can be during the summer, making showings and moving a breeze. People often have more vacation time or flexible hours for home shopping as well. You can use the spring home sales to more accurately price your listing. As the summer winds down, buyers will want to get their school-aged kids settles and are more likely to make competitive offers. 


However, the competition for selling will still be very high in the summer. Having to maintain the yard and temperature of your house may increase your costs, and it will be harder to hire a professional agent or landscaper during this busy season. Additionally, it could be hard to handle kids who are out of school and keep your home in show-ready condition. 



Early fall is still quite pleasant in Indianapolis, and can still be a good time to sell. There will be a bit less inventory available, and lower competition during the fall. Buyers are looking to close before the holidays and cold winter months. You will have more access to professionals to fix your home up. The beautiful fall leaves and decor can also make your home pop. 


However, buyers may become very picky and demanding since there is less competition. The national market also slows down as schools start, especially in the Midwest. Later in the fall, cold weather, leafless trees, and heating costs are also drawbacks. 



Winter is one of the hardest seasons to sell in, especially in Midwestern states with cold, slushy winters. However, it is still possible to sell in winter, especially if you are not in a rush. Winter buyers are very motivated to close before the year ends, and the competition for buyer attention is much lower. Snow may also hide some landscaping imperfections, and you can spruce up the aesthetic appeal with holiday decor. 


It can still be tough to get top dollar for your home in winter. Many buyers are looking to play off of a rushed seller and get a very good deal. Curb appeal is not nearly as glamorous in winter, and many people are more focused on the holidays and staying warm. Shorter days mean it’s harder to schedule showings. Repairs are tough in the winter and moving during the unpredictable Indianapolis winter is a nightmare. 


Pick the Time Right for You 

Understanding the pros and cons of each season and your area is the key to picking the best time to list your home. No matter when you list, having masonry that is in top shape will help you sell. The Brick + Ember Outfitters is here to handle all of your fireplace, chimney, and masonry repairs to get your Indianapolis home ready to sell. Contact us today to get your home in selling condition.