Winter is a historically slow time for real estate. Most people are putting off buying or selling for the warmer months, especially in places like Indianapolis with bone-chilling winters. However, with a few clever marketing efforts, you can keep real estate action up and build momentum for the spring. Here are some of the most effective real estate winter marketing tips to keep business up and generate new leads during the winter. 

Find Eager Buyers

While most people prefer to move during the warmer months, some buyers simply need to move during the winter. People who are looking to buy or sell during the winter are doing so for a specific reason, and are very motivated to close the deal quickly. Tailor your marketing strategy to those people who may be in a hurry. Emphasized that homes are priced and ready to move ASAP. 


Get in the Holiday Spirit

The holidays are often a bright spot in dreary Indianapolis winters. Stage and decorate homes with a bit of holiday spirit so they are tailored for a winter audience. Keep decorations neutral and not too personal or religious so that any buyer could imagine themselves snuggled up in the home during the holidays and winters to come. 


Another great way to embrace the holiday spirit is to give back to your community. Get involved in a charity event or food, clothing, or gift drive. Considering hosting a drive at a holiday-themed open house and encouraging the community to contribute as well. Participating in community events shows your values and is a great way to build new relationships. 


Highlight the Beauty of Buying in Winter

Winter may seem like a bad time to move, but it can actually be a great time to buy or sell. There is typically less competition during the winter months, which means transactions go quicker. Use a winter newsletter to highlight the benefits of buying or selling in winter to give your prospective clients the extra nudge they need to face the cold. 


Use The Down Time Effectively

Even with the best marketing efforts, the business will be a bit slower in the winter. Use the extra time to:

  • Organize, prep, and update. 
  • Improve your marketing by updating your CTAs, social media, and website. 
  • Take time to reach out to previous clients with a small thank you and holiday greeting. 
  • Create email marketing campaigns
  • Write case studies. 
  • Register for upcoming webinars or create an agent profile.
  • Build your network. 


Avoid the dreaded winter slump and boost your marketing efforts. Increase your leads for the cold months and set the foundation for a successful spring. For more industry tips, tricks, and news, check out the Brick + Ember Outfitters blog