chimney with fire coming out

Why Are Sparks Coming Out of My Chimney?

When sparks are coming out of your chimney, it’s not the optimal time to stop and ask, “Why?” It’s time to call the…

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Chimney Inspection

How To Safely Put Out A Fire

A cozy, warm fire in the fireplace of your Indianapolis home helps make the brutal winters a bit easier. There is no…

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How to Safely Start a Fireplace Fire

Proper fireplace safety is paramount for enjoying your fireplace this winter. In order to enjoy your fireplace during…

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fireplace with fire

Fireplace Safety Tips for the Holiday

A warm, cozy fireplace is the ultimate holiday centerpiece. A toasty fire makes the perfect spot for family and friends…

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fireplace maintenance

Tips to Help You Ignite Your Pilot Light

Knowing how to ignite a pilot light is a skill you should have at the ready in your “Homeowner’s Tool Kit.” This is…

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fireplace repair

Heating Your Flue Before Lighting Your Fire

Top tip: You can’t have a fire with a cold flue. Or rather, you can, but that fire will probably be quite smoky and…

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flue chimney

What Is a Flue (Chimney) Fire – Should I be Concerned?

A Flue-Fire, also known as a Chimney-Fire is caused by the reigniting of the hazardous and extremely flammable creosote…

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chimney sweeping smoke alarms

Chimney Sweeping, Smoke Alarms, and the Educated Homeowner

A chimney sweep is recommended at least once annually by the National Fire Protection Agency - from their mouths to…

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uninspected chimney

What is a Chimney Fire?

Chimney fires are fires that occur further up in your flue system as a result of reignited creosote or other highly…

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