A warm, cozy fireplace is the ultimate holiday centerpiece. A toasty fire makes the perfect spot for family and friends to gather around this holiday season. In order to enjoy your fireplace during the holidays, it is important to practice safe fireplace use. In this article, we share some important tips to keep everyone safe around your fireplace during the holidays.

Keep the Area Clear

Decorating your fireplace or placing your tree nearby may seem festive, but they can be a safety hazard. Make sure your tree, presents, wrapping paper, or any other decorations are at least a few feet away from the fireplace for safe use. 

Use a Fire Screen

A fire screen can help keep all of the embers from escaping your fires. Use a fire screen to protect guests and contain your fire. 

Clean the Ashes

Your fireplace may get a lot of TCL during the holiday season and winter months. Make sure to clean out ashes from previous fires, and keep the level of ash around 1 inch. 

Keep a Safe Distance

Holiday parties and gatherings are joyous but can be a bit crowded. You may have people of many different ages at your home during the holidays. Remind your guests to keep a safe distance from the fire, and monitor any children closely. People should not sit or stand on the fireplace or within 3 feet of the fire and should keep all limbs and belongings clear of the fire. 

Do Not Put Garbage in the Fire

A crackling fire may be a tempting place to toss wrapping paper, food, or other trash during a holiday get-together. However, you should not put anything aside from untreated wood or plain newspaper in your fireplace. Garbage produces toxic chemicals and hazardous embers. 

Get Your Annual Chimney Sweep and Inspection 

Before cranking up the heat with an indoor fire, you should make sure your fireplace and chimney are fully functioning and clean. Regardless of how often you use your fireplace, you should get your yearly chimney sweep by a professional chimney and masonry expert

Keep your family and guests safe this holiday season while you enjoy the fireplace in your Indianapolis home. A crackling fire adds an unparalleled element to the holidays and provides a warm place to gather. The most important way to keep your fireplace safe this holiday season is by following all recommended maintenance and repairs. A damaged fireplace or chimney is a danger. The dedicated team at Brick + Ember Outfitters is here to help you keep your fireplace safe. Contact us for more fireplace safety tips, or to schedule any fireplace and chimney services you need.