how does a chimney work

How Does a Chimney Work?

Have you ever wondered how your chimney works? If you’re like most of us, the answer is a resounding “Nope!” It just…

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roof flashing

How Do You Prevent Chimney Leaks?

The point of a chimney is to ensure that smoke and toxic byproduct gases, like carbon monoxide, have a direct route out…

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chimney with fire coming out

Why Are Sparks Coming Out of My Chimney?

When sparks are coming out of your chimney, it’s not the optimal time to stop and ask, “Why?” It’s time to call the…

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chimney, when to replace chimney liner

When to Replace a Chimney Liner

No matter what you are burning for heating fuel, a chimney liner is a must. Not only does it enhance the safety of your…

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What Fireplace is Best for Your Home

What fireplace is best for your home. With so many options out there for fireplaces, choosing the best one for your…

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chimney safe

Is Your Chimney Safe For Santa?

Is your chimney safe for Santa? As the big day draws near, the importance of keeping your chimney safe for Santa’s…

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chimney cleaning

How Can I Tell If My Chimney Needs Cleaning?

How can I tell If my chimney needs cleaning? Chimney cleaning is a necessary part of maintaining a home and fireplace.…

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fireplace insert

Can You Put a Fireplace Insert in An Existing Fireplace?

Can you put a fireplace insert in an existing fireplace? Open-air, wood-burning fireplaces have been the traditional…

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How Do I Know If My Top Mount Damper is Open?

How do I know If my top mount damper is open? Whether it's warming up on cold days or staying up for long nights, the…

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chimney chase covers

Chimney Chase Covers: Copper or Steel?

Chimney chase covers: copper or steel? All homes that are fitted with a prefab chimney or brick chimney should have a…

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chimney sweep

How to Identify a Qualified Chimney Sweep

How to identify a qualified chimney sweep. Maintaining the chimney and fireplace in your home is an important step to…

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smoke chamber parging

The Importance of Smoke Chamber Parging

The importance of smoke chamber parging. One important area of your fireplace that you may not think about very often…

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