Chimney chase covers: copper or steel? All homes that are fitted with a prefab chimney or brick chimney should have a chase cover. Chase covers sit on top of the chimney as an external covering, providing protection against leaks and water damage. 

While these can often be made of aluminum or other weaker metals, we highly recommend going either with either Copper or Stainless steel. 

But which material is best?

Let’s dive deeper into the topic of copper vs steel chimney chase covers. 

Why are chase covers important?

Simply put: a chimney is a hole in your roof. While we often think of the chimney for the utilization of smoke leaving our homes, if left uncovered, things can just as easily enter. 

Chase covers are solid metal sheets with one or more holes that sit on top of the chimney, protecting it from these elements. This is not only beneficial for ensuring that you’re able to have the fire roaring even on a rainy day but it also helps keep out animals, leaves, and other debris that can be floating around outside.

A compromised chase cover means that your home will be exposed to all of these elements. Even if it’s only temporary, this can be a massive disturbance. That’s why copper and stainless steel are the essential choices for chase covers.

While the other options may seem cheaper at first glance, they are prone to replacement. Some of them may rust through, others may just not be able to withstand harsher weather conditions. Copper and stainless steel chase covers, by comparison, are a once-in-a-lifetime purchase.

But is one better than the other?

Stainless steel chase covers

The benefit of stainless steel over traditional aluminum chase covers is that it’s a much sturdier metal. While aluminum won’t rust, it’s less able to stand up to the harsher elements of the outdoor world and will still likely require maintenance.

With a stainless steel chase cover, the homeowner has the benefit of knowing they likely won’t have to ever buy another chase cover. Stainless steel is tough, it will not rust, and it will hold up against the elements of nature over time. The only downside is the cost.

Though that is still debatable because it requires a one-time cost. When dealing with chase covers, stainless steel is the minimum acceptable quality of metal for the job. 

Copper chase covers

The main benefit of copper chase covers is the aesthetic value. There’s no denying that copper is a much nicer look than stainless steel. In addition to this, however, copper is an extremely sturdy metal that will also not rust. Copper is an objectively higher-quality metal than stainless steel as well.

For this reason, homeowners can expect to pay a premium to upgrade their chase covers to copper. This is the only real downside of copper. Even wealthier homeowners can find themselves complaining about the cost of a copper chase cover.

Copper is considered the highest quality material for chase covers. For many, it has been well worth the premium for the aesthetic value alone. For others, they enjoy the benefit of a higher-quality metal even if the stainless steel is a perfectly fine metal itself.


Regardless of which you choose, copper and stainless steel are the two best choices when considering a chase cover. While there are some benefits to copper, the main one is simply that it looks beautiful. Copper is often chosen for higher-value homes with a certain style. However, any house can enjoy the premium look of a copper chase cover.

As for whether one is better than the other, that is mostly a matter of opinion and preference. The look of a copper chase cover is well worth the premium as a one-time investment for some. For others, it’s important only that they have a sturdy cover that can withstand the elements and look is secondary to price.

There really isn’t a wrong choice between the two but the right choice is up to you!

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