The inside scoop on a chimney repair. Chimneys are not only an aesthetic feature that makes your home look its best. As complicated machines, taking care of your chimney is both important and challenging.

Unfortunately, many chimneys in the United States were not built to last. Many were built hastily by home construction companies trying to get work done as quickly as possible. In general, no chimney can last forever. This is why chimney repair is crucial. 

Because chimneys are complicated, chimney repair is best left to experts. For one, the risk of falling and personal injury should always be a deterrent. For another, some issues require skilled masonry and chimney repair expertise. If your chimney is showing warning signs, you should first look into getting an inspection and reaching out to a chimney repair company.

Here are the most common chimney issues, what problems they can create, and everything you need to know about chimney repair.

Most Common Chimney Issues

Poor Quality Brickwork

Brick masonry is a skill that dates back thousands of years. Even though it has been around for so long, there is still a chance that your chimney is not constructed with the best brickwork. If your chimney’s bricks are falling apart or crumbling, it may be too late to simply fix by yourself. Especially if there is damage below the roofline, it will probably be necessary to have your chimney repaired.

Other times, there may be minor damage to your bricks that can be easily remedied. If there are holes in your bricks or mortar, you may be able to repair it by yourself with a good power wash and new sealant.

Damaged Mortar

Over time, your mortar will probably be the first part of your chimney to degrade. Mortar is the material that binds the bricks in buildings and chimneys. If large cracks and chunks have formed in your mortar, it is likely time to repair your chimney.

Damaged mortar can lead to leaks and eventually cause your chimney to fall apart. Repairing cracked and crumbling mortar is easy if the damage is localized to one area. If it is a widespread issue, it will be more of a hassle. When repairing mortar, you must completely remove old mortar and apply a new layer based on the manufacturer’s instructions. Depending on the size and severity of the damage, you might want to hire a professional.

Leaks and Points of Entry

Nobody wants anything gaining access to their chimney flute. Whether it is water, snow, or live animals, chimneys are often prone to having holes and leaks. There can be several possible causes for water and animals to gain access to your chimney. 

For leaks, the aforementioned brick and mortar problems can cause minor leaks. Other, more major leaks can be caused by an incorrectly sized crown. Your chimney’s crown is what keeps out the elements and animals. 

Flashing Issues

Another possible reason water could be getting into your chimney is damage to or lack of flashing. Flashing is the material that connects your chimney at the base to your roof. When the flashing is damaged, your home will likely suffer water damage. This is one of the most complicated chimney issues to repair because it requires both roof and masonry work. 

Cracked or Incorrect Size Crown

Crowns are special layers of mortar that seal the top of your chimney. They prevent water and animals from getting into your chimney by acting as a weather seal. If your crown is cracked or the incorrect size for your chimney, your chimney will not work properly over time. Problems with your chimney’s crown should be addressed promptly and correctly to prevent the possibility of damage in the future.

Brick + Ember Outfitters Can Make Your Chimney Repair Worry-Free

Is smoke getting into your home? Do you feel like there might be raccoons or birds rustling around in your chimney? Do you see warning signs of water damage? It may be time to have a chimney inspection for peace of mind. 

Even though some of these common chimney defects can be replaced by the average person if done properly and carefully, there are plenty of reasons not to try a DIY chimney repair. Save yourself the risk of personal injury, improper technique, or the risk of future repair by hiring Brick + Ember Outfitters. Our chimney repair specialists are skilled and build high-quality chimneys that last. Contact us today for an inspection and let us handle the rest.