Mr. George Zeltner live in Castleton, which is on the northeast side of Indianapolis. While the area is primarily known for its business districts (including Castleton Square Mall), it is also home to some lovely suburbs, which is where the Zeltners live. Their home’s chimney was suffering from severe deterioration. The family was wanting to sell their home. They decided to repair the chimney to make it more aesthetically pleasing, so they called Brick + Ember Outfitters.

Brick + Ember Outfitters tore the entire chimney to the ground and rebuilt it back to its original height with brick that matched the home’s foundation. At the top of the chimney, we poured a new concrete and crown and stainless steel rain caps. We also installed new flashing where the chimney met the roofline to help prevent leakage. The Zeltners were very happy because they were able to sell their home, and the new homeowners didn’t have to worry about the chimney at all.