The Problem

Located 30 minutes northwest of Indianapolis, just past Zionsville off I-65, Lebanon is a small town of 15,792 people. It’s a town full of history—from the Historic Cragun House to the Boone County courthouse. Lebanon is a city that preserves tradition, while continuing to look forward.

The Solution

Also located in Lebanon: a garage wall that had deteriorated and was in need of a rebuild. Brick + Ember Outfitters was commissioned to solve the problem using restoration methods appropriate for any non-chimney structure.

The crew rebuilt rows of brick as necessary, whether a wall or a knee wall, to achieve the brand-new look the structure had previously had. Ultimately they installed roughly 12 square feet of brick veneer on the left side of the garage to match the current brick of the home. The end result is a beautifully rebuilt garage that matches the integrity and aesthetic of the home.