The Problem

Meridian Kessler is located in the heart of Indianapolis and is home to many historically rich estates, stretching from 38th Street to Kessler Boulevard. Among those is the home of Mr. Scott Archer. This Meridian Kessler home has a chimney that serves as a charming centerpiece of the home. Unfortunately, due to weathering and subsequent deterioration of the masonry as well as the concrete crown, water began leaking into their living room. The bricks had been painted, and the family wanted to update the look.

The Solution

After an assessment of the chimney and a leak evaluation was performed, the leak was pinpointed and addressed. As it was deemed necessary to perform what industry professionals call a “chimney-rebuild” (where the chimney is torn down and rebuilt), a brick-match was provided in order to match the patio’s brick. The Archers were given “brick-samples” so that Brick + Ember Outfitters was able to ensure the rebuild would be a seamless visual repair, allowing the chimney and the home to keep its historic charm. The rebuild required the chimney to be torn to the ground, and a decorative design was added to the middle of the chimney during its reconstruction. A new concrete crown was also installed to properly draw water down and away from the chimney’s structure.

The Outcome

The entire project took five days to complete and the Archers received a leak-free chimney that was aesthetically pleasing. Preserving the historic grandeur of Meridian Kessler is an important value to Brick + Ember Outfitters. The Archers have happily allowed Brick + Ember Outfitters to use the story of their restoration project to share their experience with other Indianapolis homeowners.