The Problem

Just north of Indianapolis, Noblesville is a city in (and county seat of) Hamilton County. Home to the Klipsch Music Center, Noblesville is also known for its charming downtown, the centerpiece of which is the Hamilton County Courthouse. But Noblesville is also known as a wonderful place to raise a family, which is why many people choose to reside there. One of those is Ms. Yvonne O’Brien. She noticed that the top part of her chimney was leaking. Their fireplace was deteriorated from the inside, and the family wanted a great source of heat during the winter. So they contacted Brick + Ember Outfitters.

The Solution

Brick + Ember Outfitters rebuilt the top portion of the chimney. New concrete shoulders were added, which allows water to run off instead of sitting on top. A new stainless steel chase lid was placed on the top. To give them a wonderful heat source, we installed a wood burning stove. The homeowners were extremely satisfied; they now have a straight chimney, proper shoulders, and a solid source for warmth inside of the home.

noblesville chimney repair