The Problem

The Northwest suburb of Indianapolis is known as Traders Point. Home to Traders Point Creamery, the area is also known for its charming homes. One such home belongs to Jim Floyd. Outside his grey ranch, there was slate popping up on the patio, and brick pavers were shifting due to severe mortar deterioration. Indiana’s winters can take its toll on masonry materials, so cracking and shifting is a common problem. They were also suffering from a cracked crown. If not addressed, the cracks could have destroyed the crown and eventually the chimney. So they brought in the experts, Brick + Ember Outfitters.

The Solution

Brick + Ember Outfitters pulled up the existing slate and laid down a new mortar bed. We reinstalled new slate in order to repair the patio. We were also able to perform similar work with the brick pavers. A new crown was poured for the homeowner, which now properly channels water away from the chimney structure. After 8 days, Mr. Floyd had a beautiful, new slate patio with brick pavers and a fully functional chimney crown. He was extremely happy with the work and the process.