Westfield is a North suburb of Indianapolis and the home of Grand Park, a 400-acre sports complex. As such, it is a family-friendly city that continues to grow. Mr. Russell Curry and his family are residents of Westfield. He contacted Brick + Ember Outfitters when he noticed that he had rotting wood around his chimney. Mold was growing in the chimney and drywall, and the homeowner was concerned about water penetration.

Brick + Ember Outfitters added a stainless steel lid, which was measured and customized to fit his chimney. Its cross-break bend prevents snow and water from collecting, and its drip edges whisks water away from chimney walls. New wood trim was added around his chimney. After only one day of work, the homeowner could put his mind at ease in regards to water penetration – and enjoy the lifetime warranty that comes with his chase cover.