2021 chimney repair costs. Chimney repairs are very important for maintaining the stability of your home, but they can also fluctuate in costs. 

That’s why it’s important to know how much money you’re paying for these repairs and if you’re finding the right price.

We’re here to break down the average cost of chimney repairs, what may raise the prices, and if they’re even worth the cost.

Average Cost of Chimney Repair 

Chimney repair costs vary quite a bit around the country. The average cost of chimney repairs in 2021 is usually between $99 and $1,339, but some repairs can cost as much as several thousand dollars. Based on the average cost, it may be difficult to determine how much you will pay for a chimney repair.

Factors that Influence the Cost of Chimney Repair 

Various elements such as the cap, crown, and lining make up the chimney and therefore affect the average cost of chimney repairs. 

You can easily identify and repair obvious chimney damage, but more thorough destruction may require professional services. Some contractors even charge a square foot price.

Here are some cost estimates that can help you predict chimney repairs costs:

Chimney Crown Repair Cost

A crown is placed on top of a chimney and is made of a mortar mix. By sealing the top from the edge to the flue liner (or chimney liner), a crown directs water run-off away from the chimney and therefore wards off disintegration.

Bad weather causes small cracks in the crown, but a contractor can reseal or replace it. The replacements are typically created with a cement mix that is more resilient against harsh climates.

On average, chimney crown repairs cost around $1,000.

Chimney Lining Repair Cost

A chimney liner saves your home and chimney walls from heat damage and keeps dangerous gases from coming into your living spaces. Unfortunately, these liners can deteriorate or break into pieces. As a result, they may require repair or replacement.

Relining a chimney usually costs around $2,500 and $5,000, but that also depends on the type of liner you’re using (metal, clay tiles, or cast-in-place).

Chimney Flashing Repair Cost

Flashing is the metal coating that creates a seal between the chimney’s edge and the roof. This object keeps water from leaking inside your home and ruining your chimney. Several hundred dollars is typically the cost for hiring a professional to fix the lining.

Tuckpointing Cost

Tuckpointing is the process of removing and replacing decrepit mortar joints between bricks.  This procedure reinvigorates the structural integrity of a brick fireplace or chimney to halt its imminent destruction. To protect a fireplace system’s interior, tuckpointing also prevents leaks that come from gaps in the mortar.

It even has aesthetic benefits and offers a more consistent front to the chimney. The average cost of tuckpointing is $500 to $2,500 for 100 square feet ($5 to $25 per square foot).

Rebuilding Costs

What are the signs that a chimney needs to be rebuilt? Crumbling brick leads to a loss of structural integrity and in turn leads to other issues such as run-down mortar joints. What makes these repairs so expensive is the fact that professionals have to deconstruct the old chimney and rebuild it from the ground up.

These workers will even use powerful handheld tools such as sledgehammers and jackhammers to demolish the original chimney. After hauling away old material, the professionals will create a new chimney with mortar and brick and produce the crown with concrete. Homeowners generally pay $1,000 to $3,000 to recreate a chimney, but bigger and taller chimneys with more bricks cost at least $5,000.

Is Chimney Repair Worth the Cost? 

Yes, a chimney repair is worth the cost, and there are several reasons why:

Prepare for Fireside Season

Repairing your chimney and fireplace in the summer helps you enjoy them in the fall.

Book a Pro Before the Rush

The busiest time for chimney repair and reconstruction starts in September and continues through the end of January, so schedule a chimney repair while the demand is low.

Combine Repair with Annual Inspection

You should already schedule an annual chimney inspection and maintenance visit, so why not take care of both at the same time as other routine tasks?

Remove Blockages

Remove any bird nests that keep the fireplace smoke from leaving your home.

Check Your Chimney Cap (or Install a New One)

Check your current chimney cap, a device that keeps moisture out of your chimney, and see if you need a new one.

Make Sure the Masonry is Intact

Replacing cracked bricks, redoing mortar, and recreating the entire chimney if possible can also keep moisture out of your chimney.

Clean Out Creosote Buildup

Before the weather becomes snowy, you clean out your chimney, either from inside or outside, once it has built up a 1/8-inch creosote deposit.

Remove Smells from Your Fireplace in the Summer

Take unpleasant odors out of your fireplace so that you can enjoy your chimney down the road.

Affordable Chimney Repair 

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