Brick masonry is incredibly strong and durable, but eventually, it requires some maintenance. When brick stays wet for too long, it may crumble. Living in locations with freeze-thaw cycles, like Indianapolis, make it more likely for bricks to crumble eventually. When moisture gets into the masonry structure, and freezes, it expands and creates cracks which lead to crumbling and other damage. 

Steps to Fix Crumbling Brick 

In order to repair crumbling brick, you must remove any damaged mortar as well. First, you should thoroughly clean the surface. Then, you must remove any crumbling mortar and cracked bricks. Apply new mortar to the cleaned joints and then finish them to match the existing mortar. New mortar must stay damp for a few days and then cleaned from the wall. While the actual brick repair may seem quite simple, you are not addressing the underlying problems causing the crumbling bricks. 

Crumbling Bricks May be a Sign of Serious Damage

Self-repair of crumbling bricks is certainly possible, but you may be setting your chimney up for more serious problems in the long run. Crumbling, cracked bricks can be the result of water getting into your masonry. If you simply repair the crumbling bricks, you improve their appearance, but do not address the underlying moisture problem or remove all of the damaged material. 

In order to really fix a crumbling brick, you need to determine the source of moisture damage and completely remove it. This process is much more complicated and requires a detailed understanding of masonry. The actual process of fixing crumbling bricks involves removing the old material and repairing the underlying issue. 

Hire a Masonry Expert

You may be able to fix crumbling mortar on your own, but in order to prevent structural issues and future problems, you should always consult a masonry expert. The knowledgeable team at the Brick + Ember Outfitters of Indianapolis is here to help you fix crumbling brick the right way. We will thoroughly assess your structure to determine and fix the cause of the damage so your masonry will last for years to come. Our dedicated team puts you and your home first and will take the time to ensure we make the best repair decision. To learn more about crumbling brick repair and schedule your consultation, contact us at 317-500-1250 or