If you’re a realtor in Central Indiana, then you know how frustrating it can be to have a house on the market that just isn’t selling. Whether the home you’re trying to sell is in Carmel, Lawrence, or Meridian-Kessler, these easy fixes can help your home get offers in no time. (In the event that you need help performing any of these updates, we’d be delighted to help you with any of these projects.)

1. Fix the Bricks

It doesn’t matter if you have cracks in the bricks in the patio or on the sidewalk; no one likes to see them. Give the area a facelift by filling in those gaps. Do you have uneven or missing bricks? We recommend taking care of those issues. It’s not hard, and it can make a world of difference.

2. Add a Brick Patio

Does the house have a front porch? What about a back patio? Would a walkway through the backyard add some much-needed landscaping? Talk to the owners and recommend that they add a patio to the front or back of the home. We acknowledge that you may not think this is an “easy fix,” per say. But it can instantly add thousands of dollars to the value of your home.

3. Give the Inside of the Fireplace Some Love

If you’re a potential house buyer, cobwebs are the last thing you want to see when looking in a fireplace. Have the home owner clean them out, along with any leftover ash. If the house has a wood-burning fireplace, add some fresh wood. You might even consider having the fire burning when people are touring. Not only would it add ambiance, but it would also prove that the structure works. If you haven’t had a chimney sweep visit recently, that would also be a great thing to do.

4. Add a Veneer

If you are trying to sell an older home, you might consider updating the look by adding a veneer to the fireplace or wall. You can add brick, tile, or wood to the interior or exterior of the house. It can add instant value and character to any home.

We acknowledge that you’re a busy realtor, so leave these jobs to the pros. Contact us today for a free quote… we’d love to take care of any of these jobs for you!