If you’re a realtor in Central Indiana, then you have a lot on your plate. From staging homes to attending closings, we understand that you have a lot of balls in the air. Regardless of the location of the homes you’re trying to sell (Carmel, Lawrence, Plainfield, or Meridian-Kessler), Brick + Ember Outfitters can help make your job easier.

If you’re selling a home with a chimney, most likely it could use a good sweep, at the very least. The more proactive you are about taking care of chimney issues, the smoother your home selling process will be.

We love partnering with realtors to prepare homes for market and to fulfill mandates that come out of inspection reports. Why? Because we make their lives easier. Here’s how:

Working on your timeframe

When Brick + Ember Outfitters gets a call from a realtor, we commit to being on-site within 48 hours. We know that you’re on tight deadlines, so we do everything we can to accommodate your timeframe. Working with Brick + Ember Outfitters ensures that you have the information you need for inspection reports when you need it.

Being pre-emptive about issues

If you’re getting a house with chimney ready to sell, bring Brick + Ember Outfitters out before it ever goes on the market. Not only will we sweep the chimney, we will offer a full report of the chimney’s functionality. Oftentimes, we’re brought out because an inspector report demanded it. Why not avoid the hassle by bringing out Brick + Ember Outfitters before a house goes on the market? The more pre-emptive you can be, the easier your job is in the end.

Saving money

There are things Brick + Ember Outfitters can do to ultimately save the seller money. If we are brought out for a preliminary inspection, we may suggest that you invest $1,000 in work in chimney upkeep. But it can alleviate you from spending $5,000 if an inspector points out a gamut of issues. Let us save your client money—and the headache of getting dinged on an inspector’s report.

Mediating between buyer and seller

In order to get a chimney functioning, a homeowner may have to spend money. We can advise you how to spend money in a way that makes sense. What do the buyer and seller want? We coach sellers about what needs to be done vs what really doesn’t. We understand the dynamics on both sides and strive to be an asset that helps make the deal work.

Brick + Ember Outfitters works hard to make your job as painless as possible. We love coming alongside realtors to supplement what you already do really well. Call Brick + Ember Outfitters today so we can come alongside you and ultimately make your job easier.