Your chimney is a vital part of your Indianapolis, IN, home. It provides a way for you to heat your home and vent some of your appliances. The fireplace also adds timeless aesthetic appeal to the inside of your home. Chimneys require regular maintenance to function safely, efficiently and properly. Brick + Ember Outfitters (B+E) recommends an annual chimney sweep and inspection to ensure your home’s chimney functions to the best of its ability. Numerous problems can arise from your chimney should you let it fall into disrepair. Here are five common issues often found during a chimney sweep.

Creosote Buildup

In most cases, creosote buildup is a homeowner’s biggest worry. This fear isn’t unfounded. Excessive creosote buildup can lead to a fire inside your chimney, which can be catastrophic to your home. Creosote is an unavoidable by-product of using your chimney. The best thing you can do to mitigate it is schedule an annual chimney sweep and inspection.

Water Damage

If there are signs of water damage found during an inspection, the certified chimney sweep will need to track down the root cause. Water leaks aren’t something you can do a band-aid fix and forget about. The underlying problem could be the cap of the chimney, the brick and mortar, the flashing around the chimney or a rusting damper. A qualified chimney technician will be able to hunt down the problem and let you know exactly what in your chimney failed.

Flue Liner Damage

The flue liner sits inside your chimney and helps it function properly, safely and efficiently. Like the rest of your chimney, liners need maintenance from time to time. During a chimney sweep and inspection, the certified chimney sweep will be able to tell you if your liner is in good condition and functioning properly.

Flue and Chimney Obstructions

Obstructions can occur in many different parts of the chimney. Obstructions in your chimney will not only reduce its efficiency and effectiveness at heating your home but they can make burning a fire in your fireplace dangerous. During an inspection, the technician will ensure no animals, pests or debris have made their way into your chimney that could cause an obstruction.

Exterior Damage and Deterioration

When a certified chimney sweep performs an inspection, the exterior of the chimney is closely scrutinized to find any damage or deterioration. As permanent as those bricks and mortar may seem, over time they can experience deterioration or damage due to a variety of issues. Brick + Ember Outfitters has the expertise to not only diagnose these problems but fix them in a timely manner.

At B+E, we want every Indianapolis home to have a chimney that functions safely and efficiently. We don’t think it should break the bank either. That’s why we offer $89 chimney sweep and inspection, which is significantly lower than many competitors. If you’ve paid more in the past, call Brick + Ember Outfitters to schedule an appointment today.