Put the word out on the street that you hope to install one, and you will come to quickly realize that gas fireplace installation is all the rage in these modern, eco-friendly times. Because they burn cleaner, require less maintenance, and don’t utilize wooden logs (which is sure to disappoint the children), many new homes constructed with a gas fireplace.

Now that your interest is piqued, undoubtedly you have some questions. Maybe you have many questions but aren’t sure which to ask first. Perhaps, even, you don’t have any questions but, after reading this, you feel you probably should. Consider the following a template, a quizzical kickstarter, for what to ask when you decide to make the leap to the state of matter that some find to be the new state of fireplaces.

1. What’s So Great About Gas Burning Fireplaces anyway?

The benefits mentioned above are but the tip of the iceberg, if you will. However, just as with a traditional wood burning fireplace, a gas fireplace will have its upsides and downsides. So, how is a homeowner to decide? Naturally, it is best to stop into a showroom to look at the selection. There, you can ask a gas fireplace expert to help you determine what type of fireplace will best suit your needs–whether you want your long cold winter nights warmed with ease and convenience, or if you’d prefer to send little Junior out for kindling.

2. Seems Easy, But Will a Gas Burning Fireplace Work for My Home?

So, you’re sold on the many benefits afforded by choosing to go wood free, now what? It’s really important to pick out a style that will suit the design concept and architecture of your home. Going gas is a big commitment, so it would behoove you to have an idea of what you want ahead of making your decision. Browsing the internet is fine but it’s always best to stop by the showroom of a local professional as they are going to have a good idea of what is popularly used in homes in the area.

3. I Like It, but How Much is This Going to Cost Me?

This is where we get down to brass tax. Different fireplaces, obviously, are going to have different price tags attached. Finding one you love that aesthetically fits within your home is hard enough without factoring in the money.

Does your dream fireplace fit your budget? Can you go up and, if so, by how much? If not, is there a different style that can fit your budget while still standing out as the centerpiece during those famous winter holiday gatherings? A little leg work upfront will go a long way in determining a figure you and your gas fireplace specialist can work with.

4. Works for My Budget, How Long is it Going to Take to Install?

Dollars are one thing. Discomfort to your family is quite another. Different fireplaces are going to have different time frames, when it comes to installation. Additionally, you need to consider whether or not this is a brand-new installation, or if you’re replacing an existing wood burning fireplace. These are just a few things to keep in mind if you’re contemplating making the jump from “what are we going to do with this big empty wall” to “honey, let’s start a fire and watch a movie.”

5. What Am I Looking at Long Term?

Gas fireplaces are great and, as mentioned above, have some things you will want to keep in mind for the short term. Don’t forget to factor in the long term, though, as there is bound to be some upkeep costs in your future. Like wood burning options, gas burning fireplaces require a chimney that will need to be cleaned.

Likewise, many will require yearly check-ups to ensure the safety of your home and family, as well as being subject to normal, everyday wear and tear. Consult a professional for more information on what being the proud owner of a gas fireplace will look like moving forward.

6. What’s the Bottom Line?

Choosing a gas fireplace installation over a wood burning fireplace is usually an easy decision, but not always. Making a selection, purchasing, and installing one of these is not without its share of questions. Hopefully, this small sampling of inquisitions will lead to a more curious approach. Take some time to do a little homework and go visit a local professional for all that may be boggling the mind. It will save you time, money, and maybe even a little hassle.