In 2020, fireplace installation can cost anywhere from $100 to $10,000+. It depends in large part on what type of fireplace you’re installing. You might also want to consider the cost of running certain types of fireplaces. This article examines the average expense of fireplace installation among the different types and the benefits of each.


Electric fireplaces cost $100 to $2200 to install. They cost about $0.15 an hour to run.

Electric fireplaces and electric fireplace inserts don’t need a vent or chimney. They’re low maintenance because you’re not cleaning up ash and debris that you would be with a woodburning fireplace. They don’t require inspections. 

Because you can run the flame without the heat, you can enjoy electric fireplaces year-round. They’re efficient in the colder months, too, because you’re not losing heat up a chimney. Electric fireplaces are also portable. You can move them from room to room and take them with you if you relocate. You can even operate them with remote control.


Gas fireplace installation averages $2280 to $4030. To run a gas fireplace on natural gas it costs about $0.70 per hour. On propane, it costs $2.30 an hour. 

Gas fireplaces have several advantages, including up to  25% savings on your utility bill, ease of operation, and safety for children and pets. There is less maintenance involved than traditional fireplaces, and many have a built-in fan that spreads warmth evenly throughout the room.


As you might have guessed, building a masonry fireplace is the most expensive undertaking, at an average of $3500 to $5600. Installing a pre-fabricated brick fireplace costs $2,000 to $3000. But installing an authentic brick fireplace can cost over $10,000.

There’s something distinctly appealing about the crackle and smell of wood-burning that other fireplaces can’t duplicate, and masonry fireplaces tend to be the most beautiful and certainly the most traditional of all types of fireplaces. Let’s face it: when most people think of relaxing in front of the warmth of a fire, they are usually thinking of the traditional fireplace, maybe even a log cabin in the woods surrounded by freshly fallen snow. Nothing can take the place of an authentic masonry fireplace.

Get an Affordable Fireplace

A fireplace is a great way to add value to your home. Owning a fireplace can save you money on your utility bills while inspiring the warm, inviting environment you’ve always dreamed of for yourself and your family. What type of fireplace installation you want depends on your budget and your personal preferences, but there are options for everyone.

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