The Best Chimney Liners for Your Home

In order to safely operate your chimney, you must have a chimney liner. A chimney liner is part of the chimney building codes and is essential for protecting your chimney and the entire home. There are many different types of chimney liners available for your home. In this post, we explain more about chimney liners and which ones to choose for your home. 

What Does a Chimney Liner Do?

Chimney liners are very important for your chimney and home. The liner prevents heat from transferring to adjacent combustibles and therefore helps protect the chimney masonry. Adding a liner to your chimney will extend the life of your chimney and prevent it from deterioration. Essentially, the liner is a barrier that insulates and protects your chimney. 

Types of Chimney Liners

Clay Liners

Clay is one of the most common types of liners to add to chimneys while they are being built. These liners are most often seen in older homes and will last quite a while. However, they do not offer the best protection for a chimney fire, and they are very difficult to repair or replace.  

Cast-in-Place Liners

Cast-in-place liners insulate well and keep the chimney clean. These light-weight, cement products are poured down the chimney passageway. However, these liners are very expensive to install and line, especially in curved chimneys. 

Aluminum Liners

Metal liners, especially aluminum, are now the preferred liner choice for gas fireplaces. Aluminum protects your house framing, the inner walls of your chimney, and enhances the efficiency of your chimney. Aluminum has another advantage, it is more safe, durable, and cost-effective than other types of liners. We highly recommend using aluminum liners for gas fireplaces so that you can get the advantages of a liner while also saving on installation and maintenance. 

Choosing Your Liner

Even after learning about the different types of liners, it can still be difficult to choose the right liner for your home. The best way to determine which chimney liner to get it to consult a professional. The dedicated team at the Brick + Ember Outfitters of Indianapolis is here to help you with every step of the chimney liner process. We will assess the unique needs of your home and chimney to determine the best liner for you, and then expertly install it. Contact us today for chimney liner service at 317-500-1250 or OFFICE@BRICKANDEMBER.COM.