The ashes in your fireplace are caused by the complete combustion of firewood. Ashes are bound to collect over time, especially when you’re building fires and burning wood in your fireplace on a regular basis. With that said here is the best way to dispose of fireplace ashes.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to clean and remove ashes every time you build a fire. In fact, a thin layer of ash in your firebox during the heat season is actually recommended to make it easier to build and maintain a fire. The ash helps to insulate the fire and allows it to burn hotter and longer.

 However, too much ash can cause damage and create potential fire hazards. Once your firebox has acquired more than an inch of ash, it needs to be properly removed and disposed of as it can prevent the fire from breathing and lead to a dangerous situation.

How Should You Dispose of Ashes?

Disposing of fireplace ashes may seem like a pretty straightforward task. However, you should keep in mind that improper disposal of ashes can lead to burns, pose a carbon monoxide risk, and even start a house fire.

Take the following safety measures into consideration. 

  • Wait at least 24 hours after the last fire was burned before removal to ensure that the ashes have completely cooled. 
  • You need specific tools to remove ashes efficiently and safely. These tools include: an ash bucket, an ash shovel, fire resistant gloves, and an optional face mask to reduce the chance of inhaling any ash. 
  • Let the ashes cool for three days once you have removed them from the fireplace. After three days, you can bag them and throw them away in the garbage. 

Fireplace ash removal and disposal can be a messy, timely, and potentially dangerous task to complete on your own, especially if you don’t have the correct tools and training. The best way to maintain the quality of your fireplace and properly remove and dispose of ashes is to seek out the help of a professional. Brick + Ember Outfitters Indianapolis provides quality maintenance services that will keep your fireplace clean and safe. Contact us today to learn more about our fireplace maintenance services and schedule an appointment.