Can a chimney be rebuilt? Chimneys are an essential part of our homes and it’s important to keep up with proper maintenance and repair. If your chimney is beyond a few simple repairs or has suffered irreparable damage, then it’s time to consider getting your chimney rebuilt.

Ignoring the issue will only lead to more serious problems for your home and family. A chimney can be rebuilt, and it can save you from potential disaster.

A damaged chimney can become a fire hazard. It can also cause severe moisture and water damage to your roof. With all the rain and cold temperatures we experience in Indiana, that alone could lead to extensive damage to your home. Even worse, it might go so far as to cause carbon monoxide poisoning- a deadly situation.

Damage isn’t always easy to detect. If you don’t know what to look for, critical issues might seem like simple cosmetic defects. Keep reading to learn more about chimney damage, repair, and how chimney rebuild services can help.

Signs of Chimney Damage

It’s common for homeowners to be unaware of tell-tale signs that their chimney needs to be rebuilt. Sometimes the signs are ignored because they seem harmless. Other times they aren’t addressed because homeowners aren’t sure what they’re looking at. 

Here’s what you need to look out for:

Spalling Bricks

While bricks are sturdy and long-lasting, they aren’t impervious to damage. In Indianapolis, we get plenty of rain and freezing temperatures that cause the bricks to spall and flake. Have you noticed bits of brick around your yard?

The flaking leads to structural damage, and bricks will begin to pop out from your chimney. It can cause moisture buildup on your roof and completely deteriorate your chimney. Although one of the slower signs of damage, spalling should still be addressed as soon as possible.


Not all cracks are superficial. If you see one on your chimney, it’s imperative that you have the interior of the chimney checked. Such cracks are very dangerous and could allow dangerous exhaust to reach combustibles inside your home.

A cracked flue liner is also a more serious issue your chimney can have. The flue liner is the part of your chimney that directs the airflow out of your home while protecting the construction itself from generated heat. 

No matter where the crack is, interior or exterior, a full inspection of the chimney needs to be done.

Water Damage

It may sound redundant, but if you see water stains in your attic or on the ceiling it could be related to your chimney. If the crown at the top becomes damaged, the entire structure will start to deteriorate and allow water to get inside and damage your home. If water damage isn’t addressed in time, your chimney can crumble.

Chimney Fires

A small chimney fire sounds harmless because they are “inside” your chimney, but it can destroy the entire structure. Typically caused by cracks or a buildup of debris, chimney fires cause the mortar to melt and deep cracks to form. Before you know it, your chimney will crumble and need to be rebuilt.

Leaning Chimney

Perhaps the easiest sign to look for is a leaning chimney. When you notice your chimney starting to lean to one side, it could mean the entire structure is unstable and an expert needs to be called in.

If you ignore the problem, chances are your chimney will collapse causing serious damage to your roof and property. Not to mention, a collapsing chimney can put your entire family at risk.

Types of Chimney Rebuilds

Partial Rebuild

You won’t always need a complete chimney rebuild when you see signs of damage. it’s possible to only rebuild sections without having to tear down the whole thing. A partial chimney rebuild might also include adding an extension for better protection. 

Full Rebuild

A full rebuild means completely tearing your chimney down and starting from scratch. If there’s significant damage to your chimney, a full rebuild is highly recommended. Even if you only see smaller signs of damage, they could lead to serious issues quickly, and our experts might recommend considering a full rebuild over a partial.

Turn to the Experts

If your chimney is cracked, crumbling, or just showing minor signs of damage, it’s important to call a masonry expert. Brick + Ember Outfitters will inspect your chimney to ensure that it’s structurally safe and sound. If there’s any cause for concern, our highly skilled masons will help with your chimney rebuild every step of the way. 

With our dedicated team, you can expect an honest and reliable service with over a decade of experience and knowledge behind us. If you live in Indianapolis or the surrounding area, contact us today for a free consultation.