November. The month of gray skies, colder temperatures, icy rain and bare trees. Even if you haven’t consulted experts, you might instinctively assume that November is not an ideal month for selling your house. It turns out, as we reveal in this blog post, that most in the real estate industry would agree with that assessment. Generally speaking, spring is prime time; winter is off-season. However, if you are preparing to sell a house this month, do not be discouraged. There are aspects of the November market than can work to your advantage. You can sell your house in November.

Advantages of Selling in November

While, in November, you may not benefit from warm weather, abundant buyers and beautiful lawns, there are a few factors that can help get your house sold quickly (and for a good price).

Less Competition

Most sellers choose to go on the market in the spring, which means your house will be up against fewer competitors. Serious buyers will have fewer houses to choose from. This gives your desirable house the opportunity to shine!

Motivated Buyers

There is usually a wider pool of buyers in the spring/summer season because that is the best time for families to move school-aged children. While there are fewer buyers in the fall and winter, those buyers are usually more motivated than their warm weather counterparts. Winter buyers have typically waited for a good deal or are facing time constraints of some kind. They are motivated to buy, and that helps you sell.

Tax Benefits

Many of the buyers in the fall/winter season are seeking year-end property tax breaks. In November, the end of the year is coming up quickly, so these buyers will be eager to purchase property soon.

As you can see, there are several advantages to selling in November. Don’t think of November as the off-season; think of it as a different season. Understanding the market and the buyer’s motivations will help you to target them and make the sale.

Tips for Selling in November

If you are selling your house in November, you will need a strategy that takes the season into account.

Price It Right

This advice holds true for any time of the year. However, in the winter season, it is especially important to price your home for the market. Motivated buyers do not have months to wait for you to make gradual price deductions. Price your house well up front to sell quickly.

Online Marketing

Window-shopping is for spring and summer weather. Most winter buyers will start their search online before venturing out into the cold. Because of this, you want your house to look its best on the Internet. Create a good first impression with high-quality photos. You might even consider creating an online video tour to gain more virtual “foot” traffic.

Curb Appeal

In November, your house can’t benefit from lush trees and colorful flowers. To make up for the sparse landscaping, be sure that the exterior of your home looks its best. Add fresh paint and restore any shabby walkways or patios. Brick + Ember Outfitters is always happy to help with any exterior masonry repairs.

Subtle Holiday Décor

If you are the kind of homeowner who celebrates Christmas with an elaborate light show and a team of fake reindeer on the roof, consider toning it down while you are trying to sell. As lovely as your holiday cheer may be, potential buyers need to be able to imagine living in the house year-round. They might be reluctant to move into what looks like the North Pole. Keep the decorations subtle. For some handy tips on seasonal mantelpiece décor, check out our recent blog post.

Cozy Interior

You want your home to feel warm and inviting to the buyers braving the cold. Light some scented candles and offer some holiday treats. If you have a fireplace, now is the time to let it shine. If not, you may consider investing in one. As this blog post notes, 40% of homebuyers are willing to pay more for a house with a fireplace.

There are all sorts of conflicting theories about the best time of year to sell a house. Most concede that spring and summer are the on-seasons; however, some advocate for selling in the winter months. One thing seems sure: you can successfully sell your house at any time of the year — as long as you go into the process with your eyes open. You don’t have to wait for June. You can sell your house in November as long as you have an understanding of the market and a game plan.