Your fireplace is a great source of warmth and comfort during our chilly Indianapolis winters. However, if your fireplace is not properly weather-proofed, over 90% of the warmth will be distributed efficiently! You may actually be losing most of the heat that is being generated. Luckily there is a solution. Weatherproofing your fireplace will make it much more efficient and durable. 

Fireplace Weatherproofing Tips 

The U.S. Department of Energy has many simple tips for preventing heat loss from your wood-burning fireplace. 

  • Seal the hearth with heat-resistant caulk
  • Inspect your fireplace damper. When it is closed, the seal should be snug and secure. If you do not have experience with fireplaces, call your local chimney and masonry experts to inspect it. 
  • Set the damper opening for the size of the fire you will build. For a small fire, you only need a narrow opening. 
  • When you first open the damper, the fireplace will attempt to suck in cold air through small gaps. To prevent this, close all of the doors to the room and open the nearest window 1 inch. 
  • Set your thermostat to a lower temperature, between 50 and 55, while you use your fireplace. 


Can Your Fireplace be an Alternative Heat Source?

Unless you have a very small home your fireplace will not be able to replace your furnace. However, your fireplace can contribute to heating your home when used properly. Here are some of the best tips for keeping the heat from your wood-burning fireplace:

  • Use a flue sealer. A flue sealer is a removable stopper that prevents air from escaping out of your chimney, and are easy to install and remove. Install the flue sealer below your damper to prevent heat loss and downdrafts when you are not using the fireplace.  
  • Caulk the hearth. Fireplaces lose a lot of heat from the hearth, so make sure to properly apply caulk around it. 
  • Seal the room. Your fireplace will not heat your entire house, but it can be a great heat source for the room it is in. Close the doors to the room and crack the nearest window to help the fire emanate and heat the air. 
  • Install a heat-air exchange system. This system captures air from the room and redistributes it throughout your home to bring additional warmth. 
  • Follow fireplace and chimney maintenance and repair guidelines. A broken chimney or fireplace is a safety hazard and a recipe for inefficiency. Make sure to get your yearly chimney sweep and inspection, and to hire a professional for any repairs as soon as possible 


Brick + Ember Outfitters Indianapolis is here to help you optimize your fireplace as an alternative heat source. We can diagnose your fireplace and resolve any problems to ensure your fireplace is safe and efficient this winter. Weatherproof your fireplace today with Brick + Ember Outfitters Indianapolis by contacting us HERE