A fireplace is an excellent addition to your Indianapolis home. But in order for you to enjoy your fireplace, you need a well-functioning chimney. Understanding the basic anatomy and parts of your chimney is crucial for keeping it in working order. 

The flue is one of the most essential parts of your chimney, but few people understand how it works. Read on to learn how the chimney flue does its job.

What’s a chimney flue?

The flue exhausts gas from your fireplace, and it can be found in the pipe, chimney, vent, or duct. Typically, people consider the flue as the chimney opening. The inside cavity is the “flue” and it escorts gas outside of your fireplace and home. 


The flue carries toxins out of your chimney based on drafts. When the heat rises, the air current carries the smoke and gases upward. Drafting is a core principle of convection that brings gas from your house and out the exhaust. The flue relies on drafts to help carry out the toxins from your home and fireplace. 

Flue Liners

Flue liners are mandatory in several states, and they are essential for your flue to do its job. The flue liner creates a barrier between your flue and the gases that enter, which protects your chimney flue from the harmful gases and creosote buildup. Having a flue liner is important for the efficiency of your chimney. Protecting your flue helps keep your chimney in the best order and also prevents chimney fires. 

Flue liners ensure your fireplace is easier to maintain. They also come in several materials, like clay and aluminum. Importantly, the flue keeps toxic gases out of your home and prevents the buildup of creosote and soot buildup. Liners boost energy efficiency and minimize heat loss, which optimizes your chimney performance.  

Protect Your Chimney Flue 

Help your chimney flue do its job by making sure to have a functional flue liner. Additionally, you should have your chimney and flue inspected and maintained properly with a knowledgeable professional, like the experienced team at the Brick + Ember Outfitters of Indianapolis

Our dedicated team is here to help you with your chimney and flue. To ensure your chimney flue works properly, you need your annual chimney sweep and inspection, and a quality flue liner. Brick + Ember Outfitters offers reliable, affordable chimney services for the Indianapolis area. To learn more about our chimney services or to schedule your appointment, contact Brick + Ember Outfitters today HERE