How much a chimney sweep will cost is a bit of a loaded question and the answer is sort of relative. We’d say it really depends on what constitutes as a sufficient chimney sweep. The average range of a chimney sweep service can be anywhere from $99 – $199. This can vary based on the services included. For instance, a simple chimney sweep (the literal cleaning of the chimney flue) may remove creosote or other hazardous build-up, but there is no indication of what is occurring in the liner/flue system. At Brick + Ember Outfitters our chimney sweep services always include a camera inspection. It is our responsibility to help ensure the safety and functionality of your chimney, we would find it rather silly to leave your home having not informed you of any unseen deterioration or concerns that may not be seen by simply looking into the firebox or at the top of the chimney. Our Chimney Outfitters’ are certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America, tested and approved by an examination concerning the industry regulations for safe chimney/fireplace function and use.

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