It’s Chimney Sweep Season. It’s fall! That typically means comfortable Indianapolis weather, pumpkin and apple, and sports. It’s all about enjoying the weather and getting ready before winter hits. While fall looks a little different this year, one thing is the same: it’s chimney sweep season.

Most Indianapolis homeowners begin to prepare their fireplace for the upcoming burning season the fall before. This season is a crucial time for preparing your chimney so it is safe and strong before you need to use it.

Why is the Fall the Season?

Many Indianapolis homeowners use their fireplaces primarily in winter. Once that year’s burning season is over, it finally springs and most residents turn their attention right to the warmer weather and outdoor activities that are popping back up. Unfortunately, most don’t give their chimneys a second thought until winter is fast-approaching and they remember that they still need their chimney sweep. 

Fall is where many homeowners are looking to get their chimney sweep before using their fireplace. The most important thing is to get your fireplace maintenance before the burning season, but if you’re someone who waited until fall’s chimney sweep season, consider skipping the rush and having it swept right away in Spring next year!

How to Get an Appointment

The biggest challenge during this time of year is getting an appointment. They are incredibly booked up with everyone trying to schedule at once. Some tips for getting an appointment during sweep season include:

  • Getting a head start. The longer you wait, the more challenging it gets. Start scheduling your appointment as soon as you can.
  • Do your research. Figure out which companies you’re interested in and have the right prices ahead of time so you don’t waste time calling around while the best sweeps are getting booked. 
  • Be flexible. The more times and dates you provide for your appointment, the more chances you have of booking one. If you are on the waiting list and get a call back on an opening, try your best to make it work because you never know if another one will come!

Schedule Your Chimney Sweep Today!

If you’ve waited until now and still need your chimney sweep, don’t fret! You still have time to get your chimney swept and inspected before using it. The experts at the Brick + Ember Outfitters of Indianapolis will do everything we can to get you a quick, convenient appointment. Schedule your affordable chimney sweep and inspect by contacting us HERE.