Even in Indianapolis, Indiana, temperatures can get low. Unfortunately, a cozy wood burning fireplace is always going to be hazardous; every time wood combusts, it creates a flammable substance called creosote.

One new popular solution is to buy a product called a Chimney Sweeping Log. Many homeowners believe that this eliminates all creosote and is a substitute for a regular chimney inspection and sweeping.

This is simply not true. Although purchasing a Chimney Sweeping Log is a great option for those who use their fireplaces frequently, Brick + Ember Outfitters of Indianapolis can share why the correct chimney care involves a regular annual inspection.


Creosote is a thick, sticky, and flammable substance made of tar, produced when wood is combusted. It builds up and stick to the inside of your chimney. It is difficult to remove and requires the tools and expertise of a chimney sweep.

Creosote also builds up in the bends of the flue, causes blockages, and affects venting. The last thing you want is for gas and smoke to billow back into your home.

How do chimney sweeping logs work?

The logs are made from a mixture of additives that will attach to creosote in your chimney when burned. Over the course of a week, a chemical reaction ensues: the creosote will become less thick, more brittle, and less flammable.

 The texture of the creosote turns into a powder that falls off the walls of the chimney. When at the bottom of the fireplace, it is easier to remove.

Using your log

A log will burn for 1-1½ hours. Because it takes about one week for the chemical reaction to be completed, you should wait a week before using the product again. To help disperse the brittle creosote debris, burn regular wood fires in between.

Why is a chimney inspection is still necessary?

Sure, a Chimney Sweeping Log will help quell the dangers of creosote for a while. However, having a chimney sweep care for your chimney is the only way to cross the finish line. While the more brittle substance makes it easier for a sweep to get rid of the creosote, a log in no way will eliminate all the creosote present and stuck to the lining. 

Additionally, you cannot substitute a log for the kinds of inspections that a chimney service provides: Are there cracks and breaks in the structure? Are animals or debris blocking the passageway?

 Serving the middle Indiana area, Brick + Ember Outfitters of Indianapolis can perform a chimney cleaning that will guarantee your family’s safety and comfort!