The Chimney Sweeping Industry, in general, is not a licensed industry – meaning that you do not need to obtain a license in order to perform the skill of chimney sweeping. But – that is not to say that you just throw your hands up in defeat of finding a “good-one” and go with the guy who knows a guy that said, “whats-his-face, cleans chimneys.”

Do you even know his name?

Let’s have some CMO-to-Homeowner real-talk for a minute:

We talk endlessly about the importance of the chimney sweep – why, how often, and what the unintended repercussions are for not having your chimney swept – we’ve been there many-many times, but who sweeps that chimney can be the difference between a clean and functional chimney, and a clean and unsuitable chimney (that means unsafe).

Currently the Chimney Safety Institute of America holds the standards by which all of our Chimney Sweeps, here at B+E, are certified.

Ah-yes, certified. While the industry isn’t a “licensed” industry, there are certifications which can ensure that “whats-his-face” has the credentials that align with industry standards – the CSIA claims, “The CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep® credential is acknowledged by industry organizations, insurance underwriters, local, state and federal agencies as the measure of a chimney sweep’s knowledge about the evaluation and maintenance of chimney and venting systems.” Please, by all means, fact-check that…we’ll wait here for you to return. Basically, they hold the ticket to ensuring your chimney sweep has the skill and the know-how.

We’re not going to waste anymore of your time here, because we want you to be able to get on with it, and get that chimney swept – it is fire-burning season and we’re smelling those chimney fires as we speak, so to make things a bit easier, and to ensure you’re empowered to make safe and well-educated decisions we’ve provided the link to the Certified Chimney Sweep search on the CSIA website.

You can [and should] certainly search for us, because we’re on there – but so are other certified chimney sweeps, that better align with proper industry standards for cleaning and assessing the chimney/venting systems of your home:

CSIA Certified Sweeps & Technicians

We are represented by the below CSIA Certified Chimney Sweeps here at B+E:

Zach Seaton
Troy Keen
Adam Goebel
Kevin Tackett
Paul Johnson
David Dickenson

As always, Brick + Ember Outfitters strives to educate, equip, and empower its homeowners to ensure the safety and functionality of the chimney, masonry and venting systems of each home.

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have about your chimney, masonry or venting concerns or curiosities!