How Chimney Sweeps Sweep a Chimney

A professional chimney sweep is one of the best ways to protect your chimney, home, and family to ensure the long-term safe use of your chimney. When scheduling your annual chimney sweep for your Indianapolis home, it is important to look for experts who perform high-quality chimney sweeps and inspections. In order to know what to look for, you must know how a chimney sweep sweeps a chimney. Here is the basic process our CSIA certified technicians perform their chimney sweeps. 


Before beginning your chimney sweep and inspection, our knowledgeable team begins by preparing your space. We will determine the specific considerations for your chimney sweep and clear the fireplace/ chimney breast wall. If you have a gas fireplace, we will remove the gas fire and disconnect any gas convectors. To ensure the workspace stays clean, we set up an industrial vacuum to collect any debris. 


Next, we will inspect your chimney for any major faults. We look for visible debris, animal nests, or other major signs of damage. This process involves an overall visual inspection of the chimney. 

The Sweep 

The sweep is when we clean your chimney. Our experienced team starts with professional sweep rods which sweep the chimney continuously through the flue. We inspect any debris as vacuum the area thoroughly. Should there be any areas with excessive buildup, we will go in with a cleaning brush of chemical agents to clean them. 

Sweep Certificate

Following the chimney sweep and assessment, we will fill out a chimney sweep certificate for you. The certificate will describe the current condition of the chimney, notes for future inspection, and recommendations for any repairs. The chimney sweep certificate is incredibly important and may ensure your home is covered for chimney fire damage as it proves your chimney was swept and maintained by a professional. 

Schedule Your Professional Indianapolis Chimney Sweep 

The process your chimney sweep uses is very important for the health of your chimney. The certified technicians at Brick + Ember Outfitters of Indianapolis always take the time and care to properly perform your chimney sweep and inspection. Protect your chimney and home today by scheduling your annual chimney sweep and inspection with B+E. To learn more about how chimney sweeps sweep a chimney or to schedule your appointment, contact us at  317-500-1250 or OFFICE@BRICKANDEMBER.COM