Gas fireplaces are common in many modern homes. Many people opt for a gas fireplace because of their simple operation and clean burning. However, there are a number of common issues associated with gas fireplaces. Knowing the common gas fireplace problems will help you when deciding on a new fireplace, determining any necessary upgrades, or best taking care of the one you have. Here we break down the most common gas fireplace issues. 

Hazardous Gas Lines

While gas fireplaces do not always require a chimney, they do require running a gas line through your home to the fireplace. A broken gas line or connection may result in a dangerous gas leak. To minimize the chances of a faulty gas line, you should have a professional install and check your gas line. 

Smell of Gas

You do not get the smell of smoldering wood with a gas fireplace. Instead, you may actually smell the gas. Natural gas fireplaces may emit a smell akin to rotten eggs, and this odor may actually be a sign that there is a clog or leak in your gas line. Do not try to resolve this problem on your own. If the gas smell is very strong, you should alert the fire department and exit your home. 

Strange Sounds 

Typically, a few noises from your gas fireplace is nothing to be alarmed about. However, you should take note of any new sounds and when they occur. If you experience a rumbling sound when burners are on, the burners may be dirty and need to be cleaned by a chimney professional. Roaring sounds associated with the pilot light suggest that the flame should be adjusted. Grinding and shrieking noises are often from a fan or blower. 

Excess Soot

Soot is a warning sign for a gas fireplace. A problem with airflow can cause excess soot. When too much fuel mixes with too little oxygen, it produced soot. Try adjusting your damper to create more draft, and double check that nothing is obstructing the chimney or vents. If the soot persists, have a professional check your fireplace. 

The best way to keep your gas fireplace running smoothly is to consult a professional to assess and maintain the fireplace. Chimney & Masonry outfitters is the trusted Indianapolis professional to help you take care of your gas fireplace. Our experienced team will help you install, repair or update the fireplace of your Indianapolis home. Learn more about how we can help with all of your fireplace and chimney needs by contacting us on our website, calling 317-500-1250 or emailing