While masonry is a stunning feature of your home or business, the wear and tear from Indianapolis weather can take its toll. Natural changes like soil shifting and settling can severely damage your masonry foundation. Given the intense Indianapolis seasons, you should carefully monitor the masonry on your home or business. Masonry and brick that are poorly maintained are likely to suffer even more costly damage that could permanently affect your home. Dealing with any brick or stone masonry issues early will prevent larger problems from taking hold. We’ve created a guide for determining when you need to consult a masonry repair expert. 

Signs You Need Masonry Repairs 


Deteriorated or Missing Mortar

 Most brick or stone masonry walls require repointing every 15-20 years, and other factors may lead to earlier repair. When mortar deteriorates or buckles, it can be incredibly detrimental to the masonry structure. Bricks without sufficient mortar may rub against each other and warp. However, mortar repair is not an at-home project. Using the incorrect mortar or faulty application will lead to earlier wear and more problems. Only trust an experienced masonry contractor with mortar repair. 

Frost Boil

Frost boil, or bulging bricks, occurs when moisture seeps behind your brick masonry and disrupts the backing. This pushes or pulls the bricks causing them to bulge. Frost boil is a common occurrence in areas, like Indianapolis, that have freeze-thaw cycles. To resolve this issue, masonry contractors will need to remove any affected bricks, repair the underlying damage, and lay new bricks.  

Bowed Bricks

Compacted bricks are altered from their original shape. Cracked or bowed bricks let water enter and damage your home. Many times, one compacted brick is a sign that there will be many others. To solve this issue, a masonry contractor needs to replace all affected areas and may need to add push piers to your foundation. 

Interior Damage

Damaged masonry may lead to issues within your home. If you spot moisture buildup on your walls, feel drafts, or see deformed windows and plaster cracks, you may need a masonry repair. 

Cracked Bricks 

Cracks in brick and stone occur naturally over time. However, cracks at an angle greater than 30º  threaten to collapse your masonry structure. Even bricks that are not likely to allow a collapse still affect your masonry. Consult a masonry expert to fill any cracks in order to prevent water from leaking through the cracks or freezing in them during the harsh Indianapolis winter. 

 Causes of Masonry Damage

Understanding the causes of masonry damage is important for prevention. When possible, you should address the potential causes of masonry damage to help preserve your masonry. Some of the most common causes of masonry damage that may affect your Indianapolis home or business include:

  •     Vegetation: Vegetation growth can cause immense damage to your brick or stone masonry. Once vegetation is detected as a threat, it should be removed immediately. Make sure to eliminate the roots to prevent regrowth. 
  •     Freeze and Thaw Cycles: The four seasons in Indianapolis are spectacular, but may wear on your masonry. During the warm, wet seasons water may get into any small cracks in your masonry. The cold winters freeze this water which causes it to expand and leave more damage. Make sure to monitor your masonry at the start of each season to assess any effects of freezing and thawing. 
  •     Lack of Maintenance: With so many other responsibilities and concerns, homeowners often forget about masonry maintenance. Annual inspections from a masonry repair expert and timely repair of any small issues preserve the integrity and beauty of your masonry structures.
  •     Incorrect repairs: Poorly executed repairs of load-bearing or retaining walls can lead to disastrous outcomes. Masonry repair is not a DIY project. Only an experienced mason should perform repairs on your masonry. If you experience any signs of masonry damage, consult a masonry repair expert. 

Brick + Ember Outfitters is Your Indianapolis Masonry Repair Expert

Brick + Ember Outfitters has the experience and knowledge to solve all of your masonry repairs. Our experts will evaluate your masonry structures and perform any necessary repairs to keep your masonry operating and looking its best. Preserving your masonry while offering outstanding customer service is our priority. Our masonry contractors have the expertise to handle any of your masonry repairs. Our full list of masonry services for your home or business includes:

  •     Brick Restoration 
  •     Brick Contractors
  •     Tuck Pointing 
  •     Cracked Brick Repair 
  •     Patio 

Stay on top of your masonry maintenance and repair to prevent long-term damage. Trust Brick + Ember Outfitters to always do an excellent job of taking care of your masonry. If you are experiencing any symptoms of masonry damage, it is time to consult the masonry repair experts at B+E. Just give us a call at 615-645-3545, send an email to office@brickandember.com, or visit our website HERE to set up a masonry inspection. To learn more about masonry, chimney, and fireplace care, visit our blog