Veneers are the first choice for owners who want to blend a new material with a historical feel into their homes. They can be installed in the interior or exterior facade of your home or work. Veneers come in a wide range of hues, materials, and textures for the discerning homeowner. 

Brick veneers bring the visual esthetic of regular bricks without damaging your walls and other design elements of your home in any manner. It creates a pleasant aura that few other materials can provide for style and comfort. If you like the idea of placing brick veneers outside of your home or work, it is good to know that they can withstand harsh weather and protect your home against severe storms. The options for using brick veneers are endless.

Brick veneers bring character and distinction inside your home. An exposed brick wall in your office gives a feeling of professionalism and pride in your performance. You can even hang your favorite art pieces, awards, and certificates on your office’s brick wall to attract your friends and colleagues’ attention. Installing a brick veneer wall in the entryway of your dwelling or place of business offers a warm and welcoming ambiance to your incoming visitors. Brick veneers in the kitchen change the overall style and make cleaning easier if there is any splatter. Modernize your antique fireplace by enclosing it in brick veneers, fostering a sense of warmth in your space.

The brick siding on your house is a classic look. Designing a unique brick veneer scheme for the external of your home also works wonders to increase its value. Brick veneers mask dull columns or planters. Make a statement by covering a retaining wall with brick veneers. Laying new brick veneers to your current walkways or patios shows more personality to your household. Brick veneers and wrought-iron fences go together well to create a traditional look for your home. No matter if you choose brick veneers for an interior or exterior project, it’s never too late to spruce the place up! 

The ideas for brick veneers are only limited to your imagination. Work with Brick + Ember Outfitters for more inspiration and details on how to fulfill your vision for the perfect brick veneer design. If you live in the Indianapolis area, don’t wait another day. Contact us for an appointment today!