“We use the creosote logs, and those work just as well as a sweep – right?”

No, that’s not what we’d suggest at all. Here’s the break down on creosote and those logs you’d buy, to burn it all up. Those logs are a great step in the right direction, but they are not an end-all alternative for the physical sweeping of your chimney. The creosote logs work like this: begin burning the logs, and the composition of those logs, plus your fire, are to release a chemicals which aide in the break-down and drying up the creosote. However, the reality is, those logs often have labels on them which state that the majority of the creosote is reduced. Okay, great. The realness here is that hazardous material is still left up in your flue. You get the idea. We’re not saying they’re useless; they’re just not a great end-all for properly ensuring the cleanliness of your chimney’s flue.

The “Creosote Sweeping Log” states,


We’ve concluded that the tag line answers the question rather well. We are not looking to put you out about those logs by any means, we just want you to think of your annual chimney sweep and those logs as a ‘hand-in-hand’ not a decision to be made of ‘one-over-the-other.’ There are a lot of instances in life where cutting out the middleman is a perfect plan, but not in this instance. The safest fire you’re going to have in your fireplace is not having one at all, and let’s be honest: you bought that house, in part, because of that fireplace? Burn with some peace of mind.

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