Do I need a brick patio? If you’re looking to add some rugged beauty and resilience to your backyard, a brick patio is a perfect choice.

They’re striking and attractive and choosing brick over other materials leaves open an array of design options tailored to your preference. Homeowners everywhere are choosing hardscapes for their property, and we’re here to tell you why you should consider a brick patio for your home.

Benefits of Brick Patios



Brick is one of the strongest materials a homeowner can choose for hardscape structures and can last for decades. It can withstand quite a bit of pressure and is resistant to wear and tear from frequent use. The color doesn’t fade easily either, ensuring peace of mind that your patio will remain intact and beautiful for many years to come.


Indiana weather is notorious for its unpredictability- especially with storms. However, brick patios are capable of withstanding a lot of abuse that turbulent weather can bring. No matter the amount of snow or rain, brick has the resilience to counteract weather-related damage.


Sometimes homeowners believe adding a brick patio means they’re restricted to only using brick for the entire structure. Truth is, they don’t necessarily have to be made 100 percent of brick. Do you want to put brick next to stone? We can do that. Maybe you already have hardscape structures made of other materials and you want the patio next to it. Absolutely doable! You can do whatever you want to make your patio and your home stand out.

Increase Home Value

Since hardscapes tend to add a luxurious appeal to properties, it can increase home value. If you ever want to sell your home in the future, adding something that’s visually appealing and durable will boost how much prospective buyers will be willing to pay.


Contrary to popular belief, adding a brick patio is not a massive expense. The materials themselves are relatively inexpensive, and the cost of labor is always reasonable when you choose the right masons. It’s also significantly cheaper in comparison to stone.


Design freedom is always preferable with any construction project. It gives homeowners the ability to create the hardscape of their dreams. Brick can be molded into square, rectangular, circular, or curved shapes. There’s also a multitude of color shade options to choose from. Combining different shades of bricks and forming different shapes for design adds distinction and character. Since brick can be added alongside other materials as well, the potential design combinations are endless.

Easy Replacement

Although incredibly durable, cracks can occur in brick patios. The good news is brick replacement is an exceedingly easy process. You don’t have to panic if you notice any damage to your new patio because masons can come in and simply remove and replace the problematic pieces. Under no circumstances would you be required to tear everything up and start from scratch- unless of course, you want to.

What Can I Use A Brick Patio For?



One of the most popular reasons homeowners choose to add a brick patio to their home is to have a timeless, outdoor area to entertain guests. When Summer comes around the grills come out and it’s time to invite friends and family over for a get-together. Consider a brick patio to bring your backyard to life and be the preferred party spot of all your friends!


If you’re not looking to throw parties and entertain guests, a brick patio can be used as the perfect relaxation spot. There’s no need to stay cooped up inside when you can enjoy the amazing weather on an attractive, welcoming patio outside. Even better- brick is temperature-resistant. Even when Summer hits Indiana and those hot days are killer, a brick patio will remain a nice, cool place to hang out.

Storage Space

One of the lesser-known uses of brick patios is storage space. If you’re in need of additional storage for things like outdoor equipment and tools, a brick patio can be handy. A lot of times things like lawnmowers, leaf blowers, and other large items don’t fit anywhere else, and you don’t want to leave them scattered throughout the backyard. Patios can make a dependable short-term and long-term storage option. If there’s simply not enough room in your shed, garage, or basement, a brick patio is a perfect resolution to eliminate the clutter.

Brick Patio Installation Indianapolis

If you’re in Indianapolis or the surrounding areas and looking to install a brick patio, Brick + Ember Outfitters are here for you. Our team specializes in designing and installing timeless brick patios tailored to your unique needs and preferences. If you want to install a beautiful brick patio that can change the entire aesthetic of your home and create the perfect outdoor space, our full-service company can help. Contact us today to learn more about brick patio installation service or to book your appointment.