The value of a fireplace, with regard to the overall value of the home, is a tough thing to pinpoint. Like many amenities, a fireplace is more valuable to someone who wants a fireplace than it is to someone who doesn’t.

However, the better question is, “Does the Fireplace Appeal to Potential Home-Buyers?”

Yes, if you are looking to sell within the next 1-2 years larger home-improvement projects may not be a great plan, but if you’re looking to update the home and bring about some buyer-appeal, a fireplace rehab is said to bring up to 80% ROI.

Most homes do have a fireplace, and a greater number serve more than one purpose. Fireplaces add an architectural interest to the home and they are a functional source of heat. Fireplaces can also fall under the category of general maintenance systems of the home, which can also provide a good ROI.


For any potential buyer, a home-inspector is hired to come and assess the home for major structural issues; this will include the chimney or fireplace. If issues are found, the inspector may request any necessary repairs be made in a small window of time, or even require that a deduction be made from the selling-price of the home, to compensate for the needed repairs.

If your fireplace or hearth remodel are not among the higher options for projects, we’d suggest making your fireplace and chimney maintenance your investment. Here are a few less costly, but altogether beneficial, investments that can be made to maintain the value of your chimney/fireplace:

  • Replace any damaged brick
  • Clean the Firebox, ensuring there are no gaps, or cracks in the firebrick
  • Clean the any soot/smoke off of the fireplace/mantel (which may indicate a drafting issues)